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At Ducane, we believe you, We show value and care about the environment, and to reflect this we are updating our dry cleaning machine to a new model...

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Here at Ducane services, our customers can put their complete trust in us for all their clothing as well as their household textiles. We ensure that all clothes are presented with the exact quality and great standard as we put in our effort and attention to the biggest and littlest detail. We have the best steps in taking care of your garment as well as the expertise and experience necessary to carry out each step meticulously.



When your garments get to us, we thoroughly inspect it and prepare it for cleaning. We go about the identification of the fabric and other details such as ornaments, imperfections and so much more.


Removal Of Stains

Stain removal is the next step in carrying out a standard procedure. we make use of the best modern techniques there are from our years of practice and experience.



We use the most Eco-Friendly products for your garment and ensure no harsh material that could damage your garment is used. Clothes are cleaned according to their materials and details.


Hand Finishing & Repairs

Your garments get to the best pressers in the business to give you smooth and well-hung clothes to meet your requirements. Your clothes get the necessary minor repairs. This includes fixing of missing buttons, open seams, etc.



Each and every garment is carefully and formally inspected before they are given back to you. This is to ensure everything was done accordingly.



The final stage of garment care is packaging. We make use of tissues and hangers to make your clothes look brand new while packing them in designed bags or boxes. That way your garment is in perfect condition as it delivered to you.


These are very important steps to care for your garment and we never forget that here at Ducane services. So why not hire us today?

Our Services

Ducane Richmond provides an extensive, ever-growing list of services.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

We carry out over a wide range of dry cleaning varies from shirts, dinner shirts, blouses, silk blouses, silk wear, Burberry coats, heavy coats, fur coats, jackets, suits, formal suits, evening suits, linen suits, dresses, evening dresses, wedding dresses, bridal wear cleaning, party wear, sheepskin dry cleaning, leather and suede cleaning, trousers and skirts cleaning, Cashmere, linen dresses, cocktail dresses, silk dresses, wool jumpers and coats Canada goose jackets and coats cleaning, raincoats, etc. All the garments are handled with great care and experienced skills. For your convenience, we also offer to pick up and drop off services.



Our recommendation is to change your bedding once a week. Your bed-sheets, perhaps unsurprisingly contain a serious number of hidden bacteria, whether that be through sweat, body creams, or dust from outside and other health problems such as allergies and asthma. We use the best detergents suitable to clean your bedding which leaves them fresh and fragrant.

Tailoring & Stitching

Tailoring & Stitching

The clothes we wear are continuously subject to wear and tear on a constant basis when being worn, and often need mending. We also know that both kids and adults grow out of clothes, albeit for sometimes different reasons. Often styles change as time move on and what we wear is no longer in ...style, or you merely feel like a bit of a change in style. Ducane tailors and seamstresses are near you in London to help with all of your clothing tailoring and stitching needs. We offer a wide range of services in London city for you to achieve what you want with your clothing. Get the desired look. Have your clothes looking nice neat and new? Get your clothes last longer. Just come in and use our clothing tailoring and stitching service, to achieve your desired goal. At Ducane, we carry out alterations and repairs on a wide range of different kinds of garments from t-shirts to trousers, dresses, coats, jumpers, jackets, shirts, sportswear, skirts and suits. No matter how big or small the alteration or repair job is, you can rely on us to complete it for you quickly and professionally, with our tailoring and stitching service.

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