Leather, Suede and Sheep skin Dry Cleaning Services in London

Leather, Suede and Sheep skin Dry Cleaning near me in London

You’ll find that materials such as suede, leather, and sheep skin are extremely hard to clean using Household appliances and products.At Ducane, we can offer a professional suede, Sheep skin and leather dry cleaning service to our customers and we use only the best machines in the business, along side the best cleaning solvent products. We clean all suede, Sheepskin and leather items thoroughly, carefully returning them to you in tiptop condition.

Leather dry cleaning services near me in London

Suede and Sheepskin dry cleaning services near me in London

Make Your Clothing Last Longer

Good Suede and leather clothing items are never out of style, and the one thing that never changes is the fact that suede and leather are notoriously hard to clean. There’s no point in throwing away your old suede clothing because cleaning at home will not do the correct job, just let us do it for you. We’ll do a professional job in super-quick time. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Fur Dry cleaning

You clean a fur coat not only because it gets dirty, but also to prolong the life and look of the garment, that can deteriorate due to dust, pollutants, particulates which get into the fur. They dry out the natural oilsover time, the garment then looks dry and deteriorated. We recommend you clean a fur once a year, in order to remove these foreign particles, and keep your expensive fur item as it should look- fantastic. At Ducane Dry cleaners we have many years of experience with fur items be they rugs or clothes. So bring your item into us for a professional fur dry cleaning service. Or get your item safely collected and delivered .

Suede, leather and fur collection and delivery service

One other great service that we offer is we’ll collect your item from you. Whether you’re at home relaxing or working hard at the office, we’ll pop over at a time that suits you and collect your item. We’ll then return it to you freshly cleaned at a time that suits you.


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