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Leather And Suede Cleaning Service

Here at Ducane Dry Cleaners, we offer you the best professional touch to all your leather and suede articles of clothing and accessories. There’s no better way to go about the cleaning and maintenance of certain materials such as this one than handing it over to professionals who understand how delicate and sensitive they can be from poor care and maintenance.

Professional Care for Leathers And Suede

You probably have a leather jacket in your closet or leather styled pants or even suede boots or other pieces of clothing. You probably don’t wear them often because you don’t know what would happen when they get stained from a spill or from get damaged from filthy water Or maybe a leather handbag which hasn’t look quite like itself since a stain incident.

Here at Ducane professional leather and suede cleaning services, we can bring these items back to life and at a good price too. With us, you would be making the right step for your leather and suede and possibly the best decision. Here at Ducane cleaning service, we clean all your leather and suede coats, jackets, skirts, suits, trousers, handbags, and even gloves. Our cleaning service is one with full experience and expertise as we put our customers’ care greatly into consideration and go our very best to please.

We have a highly trained leather and suede cleaning team who have worked and specialized in removing stains and marks from your clothing, touching up scratches and brushing the items to make them look a lot newer. We also provide re-waxing services if you ever want that for your leather accessories.

When it comes to natural skins, they are a lot unique and require extra attention. This makes the process a more complex one and that is why people are advised to send their leather and suede to a professional cleaning service. Although it might take a considerable amount of time to return to you, it will return in the best state. Leather and suede cleaning process depends on the work needed to be done. Some can take longer, others will not.

The degree of the stains and soils on your leather and suede affects how long it will be worked on. The alterations and repairs needed can affect just how long it can take to get your clothes back to you as these are done with precision.

Leather And Suede Are An Investment, Treat It AS Such.

There’s no doubt that leather and suede can be expensive pieces of clothing in any wardrobe, therefore, making them a significant investment. This is why it is important to clean them properly to avoid any foul of shrinkage, discoloration, tear, etc. although there might have been a lot of accidents in the past, thanks to various and modern cleaning methods, it is a lot safer to clean and handle your leather and suede especially in the hands of an experienced leather cleaning service like us here at Ducane Cleaning Service.

Difference Between Leather And Suede And Other Manufactured Fabrics.

Leather and suede are a lot thicker than other fabrics and they also have higher durability too. All these are part of the reasons why they require different cleaning approach from other materials to live up to their potential and not get damaged. All material types come with their instructions on how they need to be cleaned even down to synthetic fabrics. Leather and suede come from individual animals and this makes them unique.

If handled poorly, these materials can crack, stretch. Shrink and even peel. They can lose their colors and can get a lot of scratches and eventually get damaged. If you have no experience in cleaning these materials and you do, you would most likely be faced with these results.

These materials are a lot more sensitive and a single mistake can bring it all crashing down unlike other manufactured or standardized fabrics. It is certain that without the proper cleaning techniques, both leather and suede clothing can get damaged and these damages are irreversible.

Here at Ducane Leather And Suede Cleaning services, we work with each process to give you the best work. We also restore your leather and suede clothing to return them to you in their best positions. There are a lot of reasons why you should hire us and they include :

Special Cleaning Of Your Suede And Leather

When it comes to cleaning your leather and suede clothing, here at Ducane cleaners, we take the standard process and techniques. Some disasters that can result from cleaning your leather or suede on your own or with a poor cleaning include shrinkage, wrinkles, dislocation, etc.

The traditional method of dry cleaning leather and suede isn’t always the best or most compatible method and it can lead to damages. No one wants their expensive leather or suede jacket looking too bad to wear or even bad at all. This is why cleaning can be an intricate process that is worth it in the end if done right.


If you need a trusted cleaning service for your leather or suede, why not contact us here at Ducane Cleaning Service today ?

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