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Clothing Alterations, Tailoring, Repairs and Stitching Services Near me in London

The clothes we wear are continuously subject to wear and tear on a constant basis when being worn, and often need mending. We also know that both kids and adults grow out of clothes, albeit for sometimes different reasons. Often styles change as time move on and what we wear is no longer in style, or you merely feel like a bit of a change in style. Ducane tailors and seamstresses are near you in London to help with all of your clothing tailoring and stitching needs. We offer a wide range of services in London city for you to achieve what you want with your clothing. Get the desired look. Have your clothes looking nice neat and new. Get your clothes last longer. Just come in and use our clothing tailoring and stitching service, to achieve your desired goal.

At Ducane, we carry out alterations and repairs on a wide range of different kinds of garments from t-shirts to trousers, dresses, coats, jumpers, jackets, shirts, sportswear, skirts and suits. No matter how big or small the alteration or repair job is, you can rely on us to complete it for you quickly and professionally , with our tailoring and stitching service.

Clothing Repairs for All Your Clothes

So, if the sleeves of a jumper you love are wearing out bring it into us to be patched or need repair, then we can do this quickly, and you will be wearing your jumper in no time flat. Often zips on trousers or dresses fail and need repair, so you can hire us to replace the broken one with a fresh one. Damage to expensive designer items doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t wear them again. Have them repaired by our tailors and seamstresses. We also reline or repair the lining of jackets of skirts when they have been damaged. Resewing buttons or re-stitching damaged décor is also performed by our tailoring and stitching service.

Clothing Alterations for All Your Clothes

With time suits can become unwearable, since you have changed shape or size in some way. Get that suit ready to wear again by having the trousers lengthened or shortened, made wider or slimmer, the chest of the jacket made larger or smaller, the arms lengthened or shortened. You may want a dress you have bought to be shorter, come into our shop to have it pinned to the ideal length for you. From a pair of jeans, you want the bottoms tightened on, to the silk shirt collar that needs adjusting. Our clothing tailoring and stitching services are ideal for your needs, of high quality, and Ducane tailors in London strive to always satisfy our customers’ needs.

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