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At Ducane, we understand that it is in the nature of suede, leather, and sheepskin items to be damaged, scratched and to significantly age with time. All of this means that you’re often well-loved and expensive item may not be looking its finest or may even be unwearable.

You’ll find that materials such as suede, leather, and sheepskin are very difficult to stitch. We are able to offer the most professional suede, leather, and sheepskin tailoring, and stitching service in London to our customers, as we use only the best tools in the business. Combine this with the skillfulness of our tailors and seamstresses, and we are the best choice to take care of your garments. We stitch all these items thoroughly and carefully, returning them to you in tiptop condition.

When you bring your item in to us, our team will inspect it thoroughly for any blemishes, and we will ask you what the major problems with your item are. It may be a pair of leather trousers that need a new zip, of which we have a range in-store or a new button. Or perhaps your leather trousers may have a tear in a delicate place, which we can invisibly mend so that it will be returned to you as good as new.

Quality Assurance

Our experienced Suede, Leather and Sheepskin Tailoring & Stitching ensure 100% Quality Services. Our professional tailors can help you with custom tailoring, alterations, repairs and much more.

Reasonable Prices

As dedicated as we are in constantly delivering the quality services, we also commit ourselves to affordable tailoring & stitching services in London.

Instant Online Booking Response

Whether you need us to answer your queries or need a quick quotation, our dedicated online team is available 24x7 at your disposal.

We also offer a complete relining service for your leather jacket. For example, if it has become too dirty and worn out, or torn inside to be wearable. This will have happened over the course of being used, and we can completely reline your leather, suede, or sheepskin item, either with the original lining or with something be. Thus, your jacket will get a newly lengthened lease on life.

At Ducane, we can also perform alterations on your leather, suede, or sheepskin item. For example, if you have grown out of a pair of leather trousers, we can make them wearable again by letting them out. Or if they are too large, we can take them in for you so that they are the perfect fit. We can also alter the design of your leather, sheepskin or suede item, for example, remove a collar, add a pocket, or add decorations

We can also carry out major repairs to leather, suede, and sheepskin garments, such as replacement of damaged panels, arms or collars. We will perfectly match your leather from our stock.



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