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Leather, Suede and Sheep skin Dry Cleaning near me in London

At Ducane, we understand that it is in the nature of suede, leather, and sheepskin items to be damaged scratched and to significantly age with time. All of this means that your often well-loved and expensive item will not be looking at its best and at worst be unwearable.

You’ll find that materials such as suede, leather, and sheepskin are extremely hard to stitch. We’re able to offer the most professional suede, leather, and sheepskin tailoring, and stitching service in London to our customers, as we use only the best tools in the business, along with the best stitching products in the business. Combined this with the skilfulness of our tailors and seamstresses. We stitch all these items thoroughly and carefully returning them to you in tiptop condition.

When you bring your item into us our team will inspect it thoroughly for any blemishes, and we will ask you what the major problem with your leather item is.

It may be a pair of leather trousers that need a new zip, we have a wide range of zips in store , so that will perfectly replace your original one, the same goes for button repair and replacement. Or perhaps your precious leather trousers may have a tear in a delicate place. We will invisibly mend the leather item so that it will be returned to you as new

We also offer a complete relining service for your leather jacket, for example, if it has become too dirty and worn out, or torn inside to be wearable. It will have picked up these characteristics over the natural course of being worn. We can completely reline your leather, suede, or sheepskin item, either with the original lining or with something new. Thus your jacket will get a new, longer lease on life.

At Ducane we can also amend your leather suede or sheepskin item, for example, you may have grown out of a pair of leather trousers. We can make them wearable again by letting them out, or at the other extreme you may have some motorcycle leathers that are too large, perhaps they were originally a gift. We can take them in for you for that perfect fit. We can also alter the design of your leather, sheepskin or suede item, for example remove a collar add a pocket or a decoration.

We can also carry out major repairs to leather suede and sheepskin garments. Such as replacement of damaged panels, arms or collars. We will perfectly match your leather from our stock.

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