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Commercial & Professional Tailoring And Stitching Services London

Ducane understands that in the professional and commercial worlds, the environment can be hard-wearing on your clothes, and soft furnishings, being worn, sat on, moved and touched, constantly by lots of different people.

That’s why provide reliable, professional, and durable tailoring and stitching services for the commercial and professional sectors in London city.

Tailoring and Stitching For Your Business Sector

You may run a care home that needs its bed linen or tablecloths re-stitching, or you are the manager of a hotel, that needs its soft furnishing mended, or some new cushions made. Your hotel staff uniforms may need some resizing for a new staff intake. Perhaps you would like to offer your guests, amending, and stitching service for those little repairs they want to be performed on the move. You may run a serviced apartment block or an office that may need its curtains repaired or altered after wear and tear have set in, or you may need any or all of the tailoring and stitching services mentioned above.

Ducane has all of the tailoring and stitching skills needed to provide your business or service with any repair, amendment, alteration task it may need.

Making New Items For Your Businesses

Our team of professional tailors is here providing you with the best commercial and professional tailoring and stitching services available. This means we can make brand new items for your business. Ducane has a variety of designs and patterns available for you to choose from. Or you may want something you have seen copied or even something more original in mind. Bring in a picture or a drawing and some dimensions and our tailors will create it for you.

A Reliable Delivery Service in London For Your Business

Ducane's aim is to bring the best tailoring and stitching experience to our business customers and in order to make the service more convenient for you we also offer a pickup and delivery service to and from your business throughout the London area. Whether you require a one-off service or a regular one, a large load, or a single item, we will collect it and drop it off in a timely and punctual fashion. Allowing you to run your business as smoothly as possible.

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