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Frequently Asked Questions For Ducane Dry Cleaners
1What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the use of a liquid solvent to clean clothing. There is little to no water involved, and clothing dries faster. Dry cleaning cleans your clothes the way the manufacturer intended.

2Why Go To A Dry Cleaner When I Have A Washing Machine?

Dry cleaning is much better than using a washing. Most detergents are harsh and contain bleaching materials that weaken the fabric of the cloth. Dry cleaning uses a liquid solvent that involves very little water. Some clothes are dry clean only because washing machines will only ruin the fabric.

3Where Do You Wash My Clothes?

We wash our customer's clothing in our laundromats and partner facilities. The clothing is first separated then washed in batches. It is important to do this because some fabrics need specialised care. .

4Who Washed My Clothes?

Your clothing is washed by our trained professionals who used our top-tier dry cleaning machines.

5Can Dry Cleaning Remove All Stains?

Yes, dry cleaning can remove all stains. When you contact us about a particular stain, we dry clean it especially to ensure the stain is removed.

6Do You Mix My Clothes With Other People's Clothes?

No, we do not mix the clothing of our customers. We dry clean them and package them separately at all times.

7I Heard Dry Cleaning Shortens A Garment’s Lifespan, Is That True?

This is not true. Dry cleaning is the best form of cleaning you can provide for your clothing. Dry cleaning can and does lengthen the lifespan of garments. Hence why you'll notice some garments are "dry-clean" only.

8What Chemicals And Detergents Do You Use?

We use liquid solvents for our dry cleaning. For our laundry, we use bio and non-bio detergents. If you have specific requests, you should inform us by mentioning them to our pick-up driver.

9Are There Things That You Will Not Wash

No, we wash all clothing items

10Can I Check My Order History?

Yes, you can access your order history. If you make orders on our website, you can request to view your history. If you make orders via phone call, you can request a physical copy of your order history.

11How To Contact In Case Of A Query/Complaint?

There are two ways to contact us. You can call us on 020 8332 1111 or send us an email at info@ducanerichmond.co.uk We reply to all emails.

12What Are Your Store Timing?

If you want to visit us in-store, we're open at the following times.
Mon-Thu : 7:00am - 8:00pm
Fri : 7:00am - 7:00pm
Sat : 7:30am - 7:00pm
Sun : 11:00am - 5:00pm

13My Buttons Get Ruined When I Press Clothing, Can You Fix Them?

Yes, we also offer tailoring services here at Ducane Dry Cleaners. Mention it to our pick-up driver, and they will write it down and inform us..

14How To Reschedule A Missed Pickup/Delivery?

If you miss your pickup or delivery appointment, you can call us on 020 8332 1111 to reschedule.

15How Do I Give Special Instructions For My Clothes?

Our pick-up drivers have pick-up receipts. They can write down instructions in these receipts, and we will see them and follow them.

16What Is The Minimum Order Size?

Our minimum size order is £30.

17What’s Your Turnaround Time?

Our turnaround time is 24 hours or less for laundry and 36 hours or less for dry cleaning. If you need your clothing faster, you can contact us on 020 8332 1111, and we'll see what we can do..

18How Do I Pay?

You can pay online via our website or you can pay the pick-up driver when the clothes are delivered.

19What If I Am Not Available At The Time Of Delivery?

If you are not available at the time of the delivery, you can reschedule or arrange to have someone else in place

20Why we are known as Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners?

Our Dry clean process uses natural chemical-free and environmentally friendly cleaning sensene solutions while protecting our customers, neighbours and employees. We have invested in Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning technology which insulates garments and fabric from damage usually caused by chemicals. Our cleaning process eliminates the use of toxic chemicals used by most conventional dry cleaners. The solvent can, therefore, be used for a variety of fabric, even for delicate garments such as silk, It is also designed to prevent discolouring and keep the cleaned textiles' bright colours.

21Do I Need To Tip The Delivery Rider?

No, you are not required to tip the delivery rider, but if you want, you're welcome to.

22Can I Have A Fast Laundry Delivery Service?

Yes, Ducane Dry Cleaners prioritizes our customers and aims to deliver laundry as fast as possible.