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For over 20 years, Ducane dry cleaning has offered a plethora of services to locations all over Britain. Our services are structured towards ensuring you always look and feel good. Our services are open to individuals and companies. We offer shoe repair, tailoring services, key cutting, general dry cleaning, clothing alterations including dress and wedding dress alterations. Our various services ensure that you never have to worry about cleaning and other household tasks. To further meet your needs, we have decided to introduce some highly requested services.

Ducane dry cleaning now offers professional carpet cleaning services, professional upholstery cleaning services, professional curtain cleaning services, and steam cleaning.


Professional carpet cleaning is one of our new services. Carpets are heavy, hard to clean, and often need special care. Whether your carpet is a deep colour or a light colour, your carpet must be cleaned regularly to ensure that it doesn't begin to smell or carry germs. This is especially important if you have children or pets around as they would most likely touch the carpet many times. To ensure that they stay safe and your carpet remains clean it is important to have your carpets cleaned professionally. Our Carpet cleaning services are available for all sorts of carpets regardless of size, colour, or shape.

This is where Ducane's professional carpet cleaning services come in. You may be wondering why you can't just stick your carpet in the washing machine. Here are four reasons why you should opt for Ducane's professional carpet cleaning services.

1. Hard to clean: Carpets are usually heavy and large. They are also made from rather bulky materials. This makes them hard to clean manually and they may not fit in a regular household washing machine. To avoid damaging your washing machine or the carpet, it is important to get them cleaned professionally.

2. Carpets are Expensive: Carpets are not cheap therefore they should be taken care of in the proper way. Trying to clean your carpet yourself could result in damage that can easily be avoided. Invest in professional carpet cleaning services so you don't have to purchase a new carpet prematurely.

3. Proper Care: It is important to provide proper care when it comes to cleaning carpets. Some carpets are dry clean only or they might have preferred detergents or perhaps they may lose a bit dye during the first few washes. Either way, these problems are best left in the hands of a professional to ensure effective handling. Carpets need proper cleaning that you may not be able to provide for them. This is because carpets are quite expensive therefore they're not easy to replace. Also, carpets usually need extra care during cleaning. Hence the necessity of a professional carpet cleaning service. With Ducane, you rest assured that your carpet will not get damaged or ruined. By investing in proper professional carpet cleaning services, you're saving yourself the extra cost of purchasing a new carpet prematurely.

4. Tough Stains: Professional carpet cleaning services like Ducane are well versed in getting tough stains out of fabrics and materials. Whether your carpet has food stains, alcohol stains, mud stains, kid or pet-related stains, or just stains that naturally occur after a long period of use. These stains can only come out with professional help and Ducane is the company for the job. If you have a carpet with a tough stain on it, bring it to Ducane. Some stains never come out no matter what you seem to do. Trying to wash out these stains may do you more harm than good. Once a stain proves stubborn it's advisable to take it to a professional carpet cleaning service so the stain doesn't spread and ruin the carpet.

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