House Hold Dry Cleaning Pickup Delivery Service London

House Hold Dry Cleaning Pickup Delivery Service London

Household Items Dry Cleaning Services in London

Here at Ducane dry Cleaners, we are proud to offer London a superb household item dry cleaning services. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to determine which items can be washed in the usual way and which ones are better cleaned by using the dry cleaning process.

Consider the fabric first, unless the label suggests otherwise, bring silk, acetate, velvet, wool, and taffeta items into the dry cleaners Our expert dry cleaning assistant would help you to differentiate the fabric, whether it is silk, acetate, velvet, wool and taffeta items, bring them to us if are hesitating cleaning them. to be checked by one of expert dry cleaning assistants.

Here are some further recommendations as to what should be brought in to be dry cleaned,any item with pleats.

Since a normal wash can destroy the original structure of the pleat, whereas dry cleaning will preserve your folds and pleats. We also have a re-pleating machine, to put back the folds into your curtain, or whatever it is that has pleats you want to preserve.

Household dry cleaning services near me in London

heavily-stained items

If your household item is heavily stained or soiled such as a cushion or duvet, Ducane Dry Cleaners cleaners can remove it, in a way a normal wash cannot. We use powerful degreasers, soaps, and solvents to do this. Ducane dry cleaners assistants are trained to use the correct stain removal process to make that stain disappear.

delicate or synthetic materials

Some labels on items may indicate they're safe to hand wash, but delicate synthetic fabrics like rayon and chiffon can shrink when exposed to heat, so the best way to wash them is using the dry cleaning process.

Items that have a lining

Any item with a proper lining such as curtains—should be dry cleaned. The normal water cleaning process alone can damage linings. The dry cleaning process is more delicate on such structures and therefore should be used for lined items.

Leather and suede items

Household leather and suede items such as cushions that have been stained or soiled should be taken to the dry cleaners. This will reduce the likely hood of damaging the fabric in any way or avoid major shrinkage.
Any embellished items with sequins, beads or metal studs are often hand stitched on to clothing or threaded on, a normal washing cycle will often destroy these decorations. So, it is a no-brainer that these need to wash using the delicate dry cleaning process.


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