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Taking Care Of Your Ski Gear

Skiing can be quite an extreme sport for both your body and your ski gear. It is a good way to keep the body and mind fit and sends plenty of adrenaline to keep you going. But when it comes to taking care of your gear, most people do not know enough about it.

Taking care of your ski gear is very important and there are many ways to do it.

Wax Your Ski Wear Before Storing It

A very useful piece of information is to make sure you wax your skiing gear before you put it away at the end of the season. Once you are done with your last outing, brush your gear, a scrap of any bits that need to be removed, and then apply a layer of wax. You can do this about 3 times.

It is important to do this because the layers of wax help keep the base of your outfit from drying out when the summer comes.

Taking Care Of Your Ski Boots

Always make sure to dry the liners of your boots. You do not have to wait until you are putting out your ski wear to be able to dry liners, but doing it every night is a good approach to take care of your boots, prolonging their life and preventing stench. You can invest in a door dryer if you wish, but if you do not want to then it is not necessary. Before using your boots again, ensure that they are properly dry.

Also, be sure to buckle your boots when you aren't wearing them so that they maintain their shape. Before storing your boots at the end of the season, make sure they are properly dried and buckled and kept in a cool, dry place.

Make sure to dry your skins and keep them in a good saver. Avoid drying them in the sun as that can ruin the glue.

When it comes to your beacon, ensure that you remove the batteries. Leaving the batteries in can ruin the beacon. Plus, starting a new season with fresh batteries is the best way to go.

Taking Care Of Your Ski Clothing

When it comes to taking care of your ski clothing, it is advisable to wash synthetic base layers with a good base layer wash. During the ski season, you can use soap since this doesn't have a long term effect, and you will be able to use the gear again in no time. Once the season is over, the use of a special wash is recommended to provide a deeper and more thorough clean, which prevents it from developing an odour when it stays in your closet during the warmer months.

You can also wash your shell at least once in a season, especially if it is incredibly dirty. A good reason to wash away the dirt is that they tend to interfere with the membrane, therefore, affecting the water-repelling ability and also affects the ability to vent moisture. There are soaps which are specifically designed for technical jackets, and after washing these, the use of a water repellency treatment is good as it promotes durability.

Do not throw your synthetic puffy or even you down at the back and dark part of your closet, especially putting it there amidst other clothing. This is because these layers do not like being compressed as they are needed for warmth, and the fibers need to be lofty at all times. So keeping them at the back of your closet where they can be compressed isn't such a good idea.

Ensure to wash your clothing to make sure they are clean before putting them away. Most people do not know how to go about the cleaning process; this is why it is best to give it to a good laundry service as they would do it properly.

Let Your Gear Stay Out And Dry For Longer

After your last ski day, make sure to let your ski gear hang and dry for a long time. Ensuring your gear is thoroughly dry and all the moisture is gone ensures that odours will not develop while it is stored. When it is sunny, you can take your gear and hang it on a line. You can also put rice in your gloves to absorb the moisture, but if you opt for this, make sure it is in a place rodents can’t get to.

Store All Your Ski Gear In One Place

Once all your gear is clean and dry, it is better to store them in one place, so that you can avoid looking for individual items when the next ski season comes. This way, you will always be ready.

How Can Ducane Dry Cleaners Help You?

Ducane dry cleaners help you give your ski wear the attention and care it needs. We have a great professional cleaning service which would thoroughly assess all your items according to their fiber content. We also assess them based on the form of lining material which has been used, in order to more effectively clean them. This gives them longer durability as well prevents your ski gear from developing odor.

You would be surprised as to how the regular cleaning does a lot more than maintaining your fabric, but also lets it perform at its best ability.

This is why here at Ducane dry cleaners; we give skin items from all over the world excellent care and service. We also have a pickup and delivery service, making mobility an option for you and not a necessity. So if you need your ski gear cleaned, give us a call today or book an order online!

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