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If you are ever in London and require the services of the best dry cleaning and laundry company, then Ducane Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services is the right choice for you as no other dry cleaning company offers the kind of exquisite services we do. We offer a variety of services under laundry that includes curtain cleaning and wedding dress cleaning.

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Curtains add beauty to the interior decoration, elegance, and style of a home or office. They come in different variations, in the form of material, texture, color, and size. Cleaning curtains are often neglected because most people do not see a need to clean them, But that's wrong; curtains should be cleaned the same way we clean our clothes because they get dirty too. Moisture and dirt are collected by curtains when windows are open. Also, dust from ceiling fans settles on curtains. Because of these reasons, it is essential that you clean your curtains once in a while.

Cleaning curtains frequently is not a very good idea because it affects the material; it may damage the material. However, you can dust it frequently to get rid of dust. Each type of curtain has a different type of cleaning that works for it. If you do not have the time to wash and take care of your curtains, you need to take it to a professional dry cleaning company.

Now, you may be confused about the best dry cleaning company to hire. You do not need to search anymore as this is where Ducane Dry Cleaners come in. We are the final solution to all your curtain dry-cleaning problems.

What makes us different from other dry-cleaning service companies, anyway?

Why Choose Ducane Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services For Your Curtain Dry Cleaning?

  • Professionalism: Curtain dry cleaning is a very delicate task because of the processes involved. In this regard, it is necessary that you hire the services of professional curtain cleaners to dry clean your curtains. Ducane Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services have a team of professional curtain cleaners with all it takes to do a perfect dry cleaning job. We will dry clean it with the necessary solvents to leave it sparkling. These dry-cleaning solvents may shrink the curtain. However, we have the right pressing equipments to stretch it back after the whole process.

We cater for all curtain material types, be it cotton, wool, silk, velvet or a mixture of natural and man-made fibres. To that end, we check your curtains thoroughly for colorfastness, shrinkage, and condition before they get cleaned, so that we are fully aware of your curtains’ needs before we start to clean them.

Our curtain cleaning turnaround time is usually 1-2 days, starting from the time you bring your curtains in to be assessed by our expert dry cleaning staff, and then to be ironed, hand finished, smelling fresh and professionally cleaned and packed and ready to be collected. We also provide an express service that will deliver your curtains to you cleaned and washed, the same day that you bring them in.


Everyday your curtains perform an important function in your home, they protect you from heat in the summer, keep the heat in during the winter, they prevent dirt, dust, and insects from getting into the room.

Dirty curtains can also play host to germs and bacteria and that’s no good for anybody. Dirty curtains are an eyesore, especially if they’re at the front of your home or office for everyone to see as they pass by. Clean curtains give a much better impression for anyone passing by, visiting you, or working in your office!

Give your home or office a fresh, clean, and healthy feel, with our curtain cleaning service. We will bring your curtains back to life and the ability to perform their function properly again.


Our operators will first treat water and general stains on your curtains. We then commence with the dry cleaning process. Our super large dry cleaning machines allow curtains to move freely in the solvent for a really thorough clean.


Our friendly, free, and convenient collection and delivery service mean that if you live in the London area you won’t have to worry about coming in to drop off or even collect your curtains. We take care of that for you. Just drop by our store to book your collection or delivery, or phone us to book our delivery van or you can order your collection via our website.

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