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Professional Laundry Service Near You for all Your Household Items in London

At Ducane Dry Cleaners we’ll wash all your home items when you take advantage of our household laundry service! From coats to trousers, from curtains to bedspreads, our laundry service caters for all load types. We believe in offering a wide range of professional laundry services to all of our customers. So,If you’re looking for a reliable home laundry service that will collect your dirty washing and return it clean in a super-quick turnaround time, Ducane Dry Cleaning are the people that you should come to.

A Laundry Pickup Service that Properly Cares for all your Home Items

We use the very latest machinery and equipment and the best cleaning solvents when cleaning laundry for our customers. Our staff is all highly trained in what they do, ensuring that your laundry is returned clean and in tiptop condition whatever theorem may be. They fully understand the range of different cleaning techniques that different fabrics require. Our expert staff will ensure that your laundry is taken care of in the correct manner, every time.

They are also trained in handling delicate garments and those expensive designer garments. No matter how delicate your item is, our staff will take the utmost care and return them as good as new. You need not worry You need not worry about cleaning or washing your household garments or items anymore. Just get them collected and delivered by us.

Be it your regular wear, formal wear, bed linen, curtains, carpets, rugs, or any other household item, they will be professionally cleaned and pressed, by Ducane Dry Cleaners We also offer commercial laundry services and industrial laundry services.

Remember to have a look through the other services that we offer whilst you’re online or in our store. We offer clothing repairs and amendments, wedding dress cleaning, suede, Sheepskin and leather cleaning along with key cutting and shoe repair services. We’re your one-stop-shop for all those little jobs that you might struggle to find time to do yourself. Our collect and deliver service stands us apart from our competitors because we’ll fit around you. Simply tell us when you’d like us to collect your laundry and when you’d like us to return it and we’ll be there!

Ducane Services For Linen

Cleaning linens yourself can be really scary for a lot of people as they require delicate care and expertise. Due to the weight of the fabric, there are special shampoos to be used. Linen can also handle heat as long as it is done appropriately. A professional cleaning service would know just how to steam this fabric and leave it looking brand new.

Here at Ducane Linen Services, we treat your linen like the precious material it is. We clear all spots present and even the most difficult spots are carefully treated with the right cleaners. We offer three services which include:

  • Budget Services for linen
  • Silver services for linen
  • Gold services for linen

Budget Services

Our budget services are designed to keep you from breaking the bank while offering you the best services for your linen. These include:

  • Dry Cleaned Steam
  • Hand-Pressed
  • Hang
  • Garments are packed

Silver Service

Our Silver service is the middle man between Gold services and budget services. It offers you more value and services here include:

  • Pre-inspection of garments
  • Washing
  • Hand-finished
  • Orders are folded individually and wrapped in parcels.

Gold Service

Gold service is last and the highest on the list. It includes:

  • Pre item inspection and treatment.
  • Carefully washed
  • Hand-finished with details
  • Free minor repairs
  • Removal of laundry tags
  • Orders are wrapped with acid-free tissues.
  • Orders are then wrapped with paper.
  • Orders Are then wrapped and sealed with plastic.


These services have been created and perfectly tailored to fit different individuals as the case may be. With us, you are sure to find something for you.

Ducane linen service gives you the best quality service which you won’t regret. So why not hire us to take adequate and proper care of your linen to improve its look and longevity today?

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