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Welcome to Ducane Dry Cleaners in London, we carry out a wide range of dry cleaning from silks, cotton, fur, officewear, wedding dresses , suits and dinner suits, jackets, jumpers, fleeces, coats, trousers, pleated dresses, skirts, and party wear. Ducane Dry Cleaners have many years of experience in the dry cleaning business industry. We are proud to have been serving Richmond and surrounding areas with Quantity & Professional dry cleaning services for over 25 years.

Hand Finished Dry Cleaning by Professional Staff

Our dry cleaning is performed over several stages in which detailed cleaning processes take place, supervised by our professional dry cleaning staff. All our staff are fully trained in the dry cleaning and have years of experience in handling even the most delicate garments, your clothing is guaranteed to be well taken care of so that it is returned clean, soft and fresh to you.

This thorough knowledge of every stage in the dry cleaning process from start to finish means our staff is experts in using the high quality advanced cleaning equipment that perform the daily dry cleaning duties of washing, folding and finishing of your garments. This means our staff will ensure your clothes are 100% clean when they are returned to you and that your garments are handled with the care and attention they deserve which guarantees that ‘as new look’ whenever they are worn.

Our Specialist Hand Finished Process

We pride ourselves on our range of services such as that personal touch hand-finished touch and quality presentation of your finished article. Each garment and item we receive is first carefully inspected for its material type. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in fabric care and how to handle different material types from upholstery to wedding dresses, silk items to fur. Your item is then treated and cared for using the most appropriate solvents and detailed cleaning processes available.

We endeavor to use the most environmentally friendly solvents available to us. They are odor-free, color-safe, and shrinkage free and the mildest and the safest solvents suitable for fabric use.

In order to maintain our prestigious reputation, we are committed to the highest standards of excellence which, require us to use the industry's most advanced processes, procedures, and detergents to clean and care for your clothing.

All garments from shirts to evening wear are hand ironed and packed by our staff for the finest hand-finished look.

That’s why we employ several experienced clothing finishers who are all specialists in pressing particular types of garments such as shirts, jackets, wedding dresses, or blouses, paying attention to every detail so that your garments come back as perfectly pressed as possible.

The final result is a perfect finish that will mean you will look at your very best when your clothes are dry cleaned by us!

You Can Rely on Us for Hand Finishing Cleaning Services

We welcome you to a wide range of dry cleaning right from the silks, cotton, fur, office wears to party wears. we are satisfied to serve you here at Ducane Dry Cleaners. We are here to serve in the light of Quality, Quantity, and Professionality.

Ducane Services For Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning services can give you the best quality for the right amount. Doing the laundry may not be the favorite past time for a lot of people and here at Ducane Dry cleaning service, we understand that and so much more. We also offer a variety of dry cleaning services to meet individual requirements and affordability. However, all service options offer you the best in all of London. These services include;

Budget Services

Our budget service offers you the following :

Silver Services

Our silver services serve as a middle man while offering you lots of other additional benefits. These include:

Gold services

Our gold services may be the most expensive on the list but for good reasons too. It offers a lot of services mentioned above and more. These include:


Hiring a professional dry cleaning service like us may seem hard but it makes you assured that your clothes are in the right and experienced hands. Deciding to do this yourself or giving it to just about anybody can lead to your favorite shirt or outfit being completely destroyed. So why not give us a try today? Hire us at Ducane Dry cleaning service for top-quality now.

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