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The best advice regarding bed linen is to change them once a week to avoid coming into contact with the old skin, mites, bacteria, fungus, and excretions that occur every time they are used. This effect is worse in the summer months

AT DUCANE DRY CLEANING LONDON we believe that a clean lifestyle leads to a healthy lifestyle. We also understand that you don’t want to do the heavy work of lifting, washing, drying, and pressing your bed linen, but that you also want to have clean bed linen that promotes good health and comfort.

To these ends, we offer a bed linen laundry service for guest houses, serviced apartments, households, hotels and bed and breakfast establishments. In fact, any place that values freshly cleaned bed linen regularly collected and delivered.

At Ducane Dry Cleaning London all our laundry is washed in pre-softened water to restore the fabric to a ph close to that of human skin, which makes it hypoallergenic.

Use Ducane Dry Cleaning linen laundry services to make sure your rooms are up to the best hygiene standards, and look and feel clean, fresh and comfortable.

Get Ducane Dry Cleaners to come to collect your bed linen laundry at least once a week. No matter how large the load will be, we would cater for your linen laundry cleaning needs. Our washing machines, staff, and delivery vehicles can cope with even the largest laundry loads, and we collect and deliver throughout the Greater London area.

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