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welcome to ducane dry cleaners and laundry services in putney


Ducane Dry Cleaners have been in the dry cleaning industry for over 20 years, and have gathered a lot of valuable experience in quality clothes dry cleaning, garment care, and household items laundry services at that time.

We offer all of our years of expertise in handling caring for and cleaning clothing, household, and business garments and material to the Putney.

We also offer Putney, extra services key cutting and shoe repair, together with tailoring and stitching and a fantastic dry cleaning and laundry delivery service in your area. So, your items will be brought straight to your doorstep.


Is it time to sell that dress that’s been sitting in the loft for years and desires to be created to appear like new before you do? Maybe your huge day is turning up? We tend to perceive this may be a trying time, therefore allow us to provide you with one less issue to fret regarding.

We tend to collect from your work or home address and deliver your dress back once it’s prepared, all came back to you fantastically clean, boxed, and given. With more than 20 years of skilled expertise serving the individuals of Putney, our gown cleaners can thoroughly examine your garment, creating any necessary repairs, and treating any stain with the utmost care. We are able to have your order came to you in as very little as 48 hours, however, it will take a bit longer counting on the sort of gown; we’ll invariably keep you updated.

Ducane Dry cleaners in Putney bring a skilled level of quality to any or all your gown improvement desires. The improvement of those special clothes are a few things that you just got to be assured are going to be through with the utmost care and a focus, that is why we are the best specialist gown cleaners in Putney.


Clothing repairs and alterations are a massively common service in Putney and clearly, therefore. Our garments bear a great deal on a daily basis and that we will become quite attached to our favourite clothes - which are often not cheap. This is why we are there to take all these worries away from you so all you have to do is call us or we can pick up the clothes from the comfort of your house.

Our Clothes alteration service offers everything from suit alterations to stitching clothes. maybe you've got found the right dress however it's simply a bit too long? - we will merrily shorten it for you. perhaps you’ve been striking the gymnasium and therefore the toil is showing, however, you only don’t need to half from that pricey tailor-made suit? - we will taper the waist for you. no matter the area of your needs unit, our native knowledgeable tailors with years of expertise can treat your garments with almost care and a spotlight.

Search now not for a top-quality alterations service near me; we tend to come back to your door to gather and deliver, which means you'll be able to relax and specialize in the items that matter the foremost to you. Orders are placed in seconds on our website or come in the store; your clothes are within the highest quality hands.


Do you have a very important event coming back up? Off to a marriage or baptism and want to urge that heel repaired on your favourite try of brogues? you'll be able to leave your shoe repairs within the hands of our knowledgeable menders to own you trying tip-top on the day.

Our shoe repair service in Putney - Ducane Dry Cleaners are the very best cobblers in Putney and be rest assured once you place your order online or instore that your shoes are in the safest hands with over more than20 years of experience.

With years of experience in the business, our Putney menders can perform all manner of repairs and alterations for your shoes and boots, whatever your requirements may be.

From shoe reheeling to a replacement sole for your boots, your things are within the hands of extremely skilled cobblers with many years of expertise serving our customers in Putney.


We offer the Same-day dry cleaning and laundry pick-up on most of the clothes in Putney and the convenience of having your clothes professionally dry cleaned, and laundered on a daily basis.

We combine this with our wide range of specialist dry cleaning services which include, hand finished dry cleaning, skiwear cleaning, wedding dress dry cleaning, same day shirts cleaning, curtain dry cleaning, suede, sheepskin and leather dry cleaning, rug dry cleaning, bed linen laundry, shirt laundry, weekly household laundry and delivery and collection for all of the above services.

All of our dry cleaning and laundry is performed by experienced professionals, who know how to handle large loads of bog households and even the most delicate items.


We offer Putney a professional fcurtain cleaning service, that removes the build-up of dirt and stains that occur over time on your curtain. It is important for health reasons that you have your curtains cleaned on a yearly basis and kept in tip-top condition so that they can perform their duty of purifying the air, and protecting your rooms from the elements, and stopping insects.

We clean all curtain types, and sizes. So, feel free to call us or to drop in with your curtains to be cleaned.


We can also carry out more major modifications to a material item, for the Putney, such as replacing a panel on a leather jacket or adding decorative designs to a wedding dress, or even have an item tailored from an original design, for example, an item of clothing or household an item made to measure from scratch.

All of our tailors are experts at refashioning garments so that you will be totally satisfied with the results of your tailoring request. Examples of items we can tailor as new for you are Curtains, Pillow Cases, Throws, Rugs, Shirts, Trousers, and Dresses. Contact us to get an idea of what we can create for you.


At Ducane Richmond, we have the capacity to handle large laundry and dry cleaning loads for the commercial and corporate sectors, in the Putney. For example, hotels within the Putney area that want their staff uniforms or bed linen dry cleaned or washed, on a weekly basis.

You may be the manager of an office and want to offer your staff the perk of a dry cleaning service, keeping them looking clean and smart, please contact us at Ducane in order to discuss the size type and frequency of the service your business requires. We will decide for prompt servicing, and regular delivery and collection of your staff’s clothing items.

You may be the owner of a block of serviced apartments, that need the furniture covers cleaned monthly or the curtains dry cleaned and repaired every year. We have the experience and equipment to cater for your all your apartments’ dry cleaning and laundry needs.

You may run a sports club, an adventure group any other type of club in Putney that requires some special items of clothing or material items regularly cleaned. you can all be assured that we can handle the job for you, in a professional way, that will keep your members satisfied.

Boutiques, Caterers, Restaurants, Agencies, we welcome your clothing and soft furnishings to be cleaned or even fixed or amended, in a quick efficient way that will keep your staff happy.

Ironing Services

If you are one of the many people who do not enjoy the task of ironing your clothes, then you can make use of Ducane’s ironing services. Our high-quality equipment and expert staff will ensure that all of your clothes are perfectly ironed and pressed so that you can look your best without having to worry about taking the time to do your ironing. To save even more of your valuable time, you can use our free collection and delivery service.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Special Items

Here at Ducane, we can cater to the more difficult to clean and expensive items that you may need taken care of in Putney. Our expert staff can dry clean, tailor, alter, and repair any of your more delicate items such as sheepskin, leather, suede, silk, and more. We always treat your items with the utmost care and return them to you clean and looking good as new. Whether it is a stain, a tear, or need to alter them to fit your body, you can trust Ducane Dry Cleaners to complete the task promptly and return your delicate items in pristine condition.

Handbag Repairs

If you have an old handbag that needs to be restored to its former glory, look no further than Ducane Dry Cleaners. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals can repair your bags, including relining the inside. Even if your bag is from a high-end company, we can expertly mend any tears or other damage that there maybe

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