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Ducane dry cleaning and laundry services is a frontier and a top cleaning company that can provide a solution to all your laundry and cleaning need. This company has been in business for a pretty long time, so you will consider us as the best help you can get for your dry cleaning and laundry, stitching, tailoring, and altering services.

How would you love to have a dry cleaning and laundry company that can cater to all your dry cleaning and laundry services, even to the most delicate item? Well, you don't have to search too hard because Ducane is the best company that can help you fulfill your laundry and dry cleaning needs. We are the most versatile cleaning company around town; we are skilled at giving proper cleaning care to all your clothing items, no matter how hard or delicate. We care for various clothing items including wedding dress, curtains, shirts, ski wear, bed linen, suede or leather shoes, rug and many more.

Enough of going through the rigors of cleaning in your own, Ducane dry cleaning and laundry service is the helping hand you deserve. We save you the stress and rigor of washing, and you can be rest assured that your items are in safe hands as our professional dry cleaners are trained to give proper handling, care, and maintenance of your clothes. Ducane dry cleaning and laundry services is the most versatile company that you can call to care for all your items, no matter how hard or delicate.

Our versatility covers a host of other services, including alteration, tailoring, and stitching. In case you have any design or style to alter; we can help you achieve it just as accurate as you want it. If you are looking to alter or stitch any cloth material, especially wedding gowns, we have professionals who are skilled at doing just that. We can help you with proper adjustment, button fix, bead replacing, re-stitching, zip repair, and button loops adjustment to make it fit you better.

We also cater for rug stitching, rug hooking, rug sewing, shoemaking, shoe repair, key cutting, handbag repair, etc. Our services entail the following:

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