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Finding a good dry cleaner in Teddington used to be a bit challenging, but not anymore, Ducane dry cleaning and tailoring services have been a game changer since inception. Your quality and expensive clothes can now last for as long as possible with quality and great care from Ducane dry cleaners.

When looking for a place to get reliable dry cleaning and tailoring services in Teddington, you don't have to look too hard because Ducane is right here and readily available to provide you with the great care your clothes deserve. Rather than allow a non-professional to clean your cloth, you can do better by placing it in the care of Ducane dry cleaners as we are absolutely reliable and credible. The best care you can give cloth is to find a professional cleaner that offers laundry and dry cleaning, and Ducane dry cleaners in Teddington can give the professional care that your cloth deserves.

Whether you are looking to have a household laundry or commercial laundry, Ducane dry cleaners can provide you with exceptional services. Our dry cleaning, tailoring, and laundry services give you total convenience, you don't have to stress yourself with going around, our service covers, pickup and delivery just to ensure that you get 100% easy access to perfect laundry and dry cleaning. The following reasons are why you should consider Ducane dry cleaner, tailoring and laundry service for your household and commercial cleaning in Teddington.

We have a lengthy experience in dry cleaning and laundry services

Experience is one of the important things that matter when looking to hire a dry cleaner, so if you are looking for a dry cleaner in Teddington, you have just found yourself a dry cleaning company with 25 years' experience. Ducane dry cleaners started out in 1994, so you can be sure that we have seen and handled all kinds of materials.

Ducane dry cleaners is a well-established company in Teddington; we have all it takes to care for and maintain your items. Your expensive and delicate clothes are completely safe with us as we are no apprentices in dry cleaning but master of all.

We offer pick-up and delivery services.

Working with us is an assurance of comfort and convenience. You don't have to run around looking for us, leave us to do all of that for you. All you have to do is contact us to schedule your pickup, and we will be right there on time. After cleaning your items, we also bring them back to you clean, iron, and well packed.

We are dedicated to cutting off unnecessary stress for you; our drivers come to pick up your dirty clothes and other materials that require cleaning and bring them back to you after proper work has been done on them.

Ducane dry cleaners are highly responsive

At Ducane dry cleaning and tailoring service, we have a highly responsive website that is always accessible and available. Connecting with us is just very easy. It doesn't take extra or unnecessary duration before we reply to your messages or call. Our website is highly responsive, so you can place your order at any time of the day, and we will revert to you in a short time.

We keep to time

Keeping to time is one of the ways in which we have earned credibility with our customers. When we give you a time, we stick to it. We know how important it is to fulfil appointments and to meet with time, so we do not fail to deliver at the agreed time. We make sure to deliver every item in time so that you can use them for your intended occasion.

We use environment-friendly and skin friendly cleaning method

Ducane dry cleaners make use of environmentally safe and skin friendly cleaning solutions. Our cleaning method and procedure is completely hygienic as we make use of freshly purified fluids with every wash. We make use of a special washing solution that does not cause irritation to the skin.

Specialized care for all material type

Ducane drycleaners are specialized in cleaning all material types. We have the best set of people to take care of your wedding dress, drapery, leather, fur, sheepskin, suede, and all other material types. Whatever material you want to clean, we have dedicated sets of professionals and the essential machines to achieve proper dry cleaning and maintenance. We can help you with stain removal and grease stain removal from your office wear, everyday wear, and some special garments like your suit, blazer and wedding dresses.

Great customer service and interaction

Our workers have great business attitudes; they listen attentively to your directions and provide answers to whatever question you may want to ask. You are free to interact with them about the procedure through which we will be cleaning your item. They are respective and attentive; they will definitely provide answers to your questions. You can also talk to us about how you can properly maintain your garment; we will surely provide answers to all your questions and curiosities.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we always try as much as possible to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our services.

We are credible and reliable

We have been providing credible and reliable services for our customers since we started out. Our credibility and reliability have won us the love, trust, and recommendation of our customers. You can only be a part of this credible and reliable service by hiring us to do your laundry, dry cleaning, and tailoring for you.

Our services are affordable

You don't have to break the blank or tear your pocket before you can have your clothes tailored, cleaned, and ironed as our services are pretty affordable. Ducane dry cleaning, laundry, and tailoring company bring to you affordable dry cleaning, laundry, and tailoring service in Teddington. When you hire us, you are certainly getting your pay's worth.

Contact us today at info@ducanerichmond.co.uk to enjoy our great service. No one does it better than Ducane dry cleaning, laundry and tailoring company.

Services Ducane Dry Cleaners offer in Teddington

At Ducane we offer a wide range of services, which extend beyond just dry cleaning. We can do laundry for households as well as for businesses (such as hotels or restaurants), curtain cleaning and tailoring, wedding dress cleaning, professional alterations and clothing repairs. Our expert staff can also clean those more delicate items made from materials such as sheepskin, leather, suede, silk, and more.

Some additional services we offer are shoe repairs, handbag repairs, and key cutting. Don't forget that you can also use our free collection and delivery service to save you even more time on all of your dry cleaning and laundry needs!

Extra Services We Offer

Some other services that we offer for customers in Twickenham include shoe repair, handbag repair, and key cutting. Our cobblers can easily replace the soles and heels of worn out shoes to extend their life. Our staff can also mend handbags, such as relining or restitching. Our staff are also trained to safely use key cutting equipment.

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