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The Laundry and dry cleaning industry is growing steadily as there are more demands from people who need their services. While hiring the services of a dry cleaning service company, it is important that you choose a professional one. No one wants to hear that their clothes were ruined by chemicals or burnt by an iron. In this regard, choose a professional one.

Introducing to you one of the best dry cleaning and laundry service companies in Heston is Ducane Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services.

We are the right people to call if you want to:

  • Dry clean your clothes
  • Clean your rugs
  • Clean your wedding dress
  • Repair your shoe
  • Stitch and alter your wedding dress
  • Iron your clothes
  • Dry clean your curtain and drapes
  • Cut your key
  • Clean your leather, suede, fur, and sheepskin
  • Everyone wants to look good whenever they go to; they want to be the cynosure of all eyes. Well, you can only be admired if you wear neatly dry, cleaned and ironed clothes. It also makes you confident as a person; it makes you bold, daring, and dauntless.

    At Ducane Dry Cleaners in Heston, we support cleanliness, looking good, being comfortable, and being confident. How do we contribute our quota to this? We do so by dry cleaning and ironing the clean clothes you will wear.

    You can also make visitors to your home admire the elegance and style in your home when you let us dry clean your curtains and clean your rugs. In your visitors' room, if the person is sleeping over, make them awe at the cleanliness of your bedsheets, blankets, duvets, and pillowcases.

    We are all about satisfying our customers, and you too can join our thousands of customers all over Heston.

    About Us

    Ducane Dry Cleaners and Laundry Services one of the leading dry cleaning and laundry service companies in Heston. With over 20 years of experience in the business and several branches around the UK, we are a home-friendly name. We offer laundry and dry cleaning services to people in Heston.


    We offer a lot of services, and they are:

    • Household laundry and dry cleaning services
    • Key cutting services
    • Wedding dress cleaning
    • Wedding dress alterations
    • Shoe repair, boot reheeling and sole replacement
    • Leather and suede cleaning
    • Fur cleaning
    • Sheepskin cleaning
    • Professional tailoring and stitching
    • Curtain cleaning
    • Rug and carpet cleaning
    • Ironing services

    Our services are broad, and they encompass the normal laundry and dry cleaning services. Truly, we are a dry cleaning service company with a great difference. All our services aforementioned are at affordable prices.

    As regards to our services, let us:

    • Make you the cynosure of all eyes
    • Help you regain your trust in dry cleaning service companies
    • Help you support cleanliness
    • Make you look good on your wedding day
    • Handle all your laundry and dry cleaning
    • Do business with you.

    Why You Should Choose Ducane Dry Cleaners and laundry services in Heston

    Ducane Dry Cleaners is not the only dry cleaning and laundry service company in Heston. However, we are different from the others and here are the reasons why you should choose us over them every day:

    • We are professionals: Getting a professional for any job you want us highly important. With over 20 years of experience in the dry cleaning business, we know all about fabrics and the right way to dry clean each of them. We do not like to hear reports of ruined clothing, a bad job, or a job not well done. This is why we let only professionals handle your laundry.
    • We are never behind schedule: Delivering jobs prompt, fast, and efficiently is what we know how to do best. We are a reliable dry cleaning company that keeps appointments and never fall behind schedule.
    • We use eco-friendly materials: In dry cleaning your clothes, we make use of organic and eco-friendly cleaning materials, made from environmentally sustainable raw materials, which are not harmful to you or your clothes. This way, your clothes are safe with us.
    • We have great customer service: Our customer service is top-notch and unbeaten. One of our greatest priorities is to satisfy our customers, and we do this efficiently, right from calls until your job is done. We have a courteous staff who are ready to help you at all times.
    • We are a budget-friendly company: All the services we offer can be done at an affordable price. We do not want price to be a barrier.
    • Pick up deliveries: We also do pickup deliveries. We pick up your laundry and deliver them to you when you need them without minding the bulk.

    As earlier mentioned, our topmost priority is to satisfy our customers. This will make them sustain their business relationship with us and keep coming back for more business deals. We deliver quality jobs and use only quality materials to effect it.

    At Ducane Dry Cleaners and Laundry services in Heston, we know the rules of dry cleaning and apply it when dry cleaning your clothes. We also know the best methods to handle any kind of clothing material, be it silk, cotton, leather, wool, linen, acetate, taffeta, suede, fur, and velvet.

    What else are you waiting for?

    We love all our customers and want to hear from them all the time. You can call us at any time during working hours, and we will be glad to offer our services to you. We also need your reviews after we deliver.

    Reach out to us today, to book an appointment with us, inquire, or make suggestions. Anyone is welcome.

    Ducane Dry Cleaners is the right choice for you if you ever need a laundry and dry cleaning service company in Heston.

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