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At Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Broadway, we have a firm belief that our services must have a touch of style. This is to ensure that our clients can have access to appropriate dry cleaning and laundry services. Who said the world can't be your runway? With us, at Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Broadway, when we are done with your clothes, the world becomes your runway, with everyone around wondering what magic potion you are using to always turn up for work, hang out or even stay at home in clean and fresh clothes that sparkle no matter when they were bought.

Many Clothes or Items That You Think Are Fake Aren't

It is common to hear people complain that they have been duped because they realize that the cloth they just bought had faded after a wash at the Laundromat or at home. The truth is that these clothes aren't fake; it is the way they were washed that affected them.

Do you know that clothes and items have life spans, but when they aren't taken care of, they do not get to their life spans?

The continuous tumbling of your clothes is doing them more harm than good. Yes, you read that right. A lot of clothes that we wash with the regular washing machines are meant to be dry cleaned only. Doubt us? Check the label of your clothing, and you will see it boldly written there. Many of them that are safe to be washed with a washing machine may need to be washed with some conditions in mind, but when you don't meet these conditions, that favorite shirt of yours wears off quickly. What can you do? Opt for only a certified dry cleaner in Ealing Broadway, and you will be surprised with the results.

We Make Everything Convenient For You

What part of Ealing Broadway do you reside in? Or do you work in Ealing Broadway, and you want to turn up for work in the cleaner and fresher version of your clothes? Look no further, as we at Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Broadway, have you covered.

We pick up your items

Once you contact us or register with us, you can choose any location you want the clothes picked from. Is it from your home, office, or while you hang out? Call us, and we will be right there.

We Clean

Once we pick the clothes up, we ensure that they are cleaned professionally before being handed to you at the scheduled delivery time.

We Treat You Like Royalty

It is no news that anyone that comes from Royalty is treated like an egg, and that's what we do for our clients at Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Broadway. We don't care if you are really from royalty or not, we intend to treat you like royalty. We exceed whatever expectations that you may have. Your items matter to us, and we promise that only the best dry cleaning and laundry processes meet them.

We Clean Not Only Your Clothes But Even Table Clothes, Bedding, Drapery Cleaning and Rugs

Have you searched and searched for dry cleaning and laundry firms that offer these services? You are in luck. Are you not satisfied with the services that the current laundry and dry cleaning firm you use the offer? Contact us today at Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Broadway now!

We understand how cleaning a dirty rug can be annoying when you don't have the implements to do it. Why stress yourself? Call us today at Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Broadway, and we will be in your home or office to roll away the dirty rug and bring it back clean. The same can be done for your table clothes, beddings, draperies and so on.

Some of the services we offer

  • Curtain Cleaning and Tailoring
  • Carpet and Rug Cleaning
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Sheepskin, Leather, Suede, and Silk Items
  • Shoe Repairs, Handbag Repairs, Key Cutting
  • Ironing Services
  • Corporate and Commercial Dry Cleaning
  • Free Collection and Delivery Service

Green cleaning

At Ducane Richmond Dry Cleaners Ealing Broadway, we are dedicated to ensuring that only a green plant is run.

It starts with the cleaning supplies that we use. We ensure that whatever cleaning product that we make use of in your dry cleaning and laundry process is green and organic. We believe that the safety of our environment and the cloth items that you leave in our care is paramount.

It will be nice that you make use of only dry cleaners in Ealing Broadway that offer green services, using environmentally friendly methods.

In our cleaning process, we opt for green cleaning solvents like SolvonK4 cleaning solvent. That's not all, as we take it up a notch to incorporating recycling into the mix.

Do you know that the hangers we use are mostly recycled? Why is this so? In our quest in ensuring that the environment is protected while your dry cleaning and laundry needs are being taken care of, we have decided that recycled hangers can do a lot for both our environment and you.

We Have Adopted A Green System Approach To Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Do you know that Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Broadway is one of the few dry cleaners around that have adopted the SYSTEMK4?

This system was created by Kressler in Europe, and the Green organization, Green Business Bureau recommends it.

With the SYSTEMK4, the dry cleaning world standards have increased, and we are happy to be amongst the first to embrace it in Ealing Broadway.

By opting for this system, we make use of only organic and biodegradable solvents in our processes. This way, our operations do not pose any risk to the soil, humans, water, as well as the air.

Some of the benefits that come from this are:

Safety for your skins. A lot of these skin conditions that are common come from the cleaning supplies that we make use of. To save your skin, go green, use Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Broadway today!

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