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Does it seem that there is no great dry cleaner around you in Ealing Common, so you think you have to make do with what you have? Strip yourself off that mentality. Gone are those you had to make do with what you had. These days, you should demand the best, and we are the best. At Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Common, we believe that you deserve the best dry cleaning and laundry services in Ealing Common, and we are ready to offer them to you.

When you opt for Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Common, you are opting for laundry cleaners that can give you a lot more services in just a location.

Instead of having to run to one dry cleaner for a job, and another for another job because they do not offer more than one service, you can contact us today.

We are close to both residential areas and offices, meaning that you shouldn't worry about being at home before you can hand us your clothes or fabrics. We can meet you at your office or home, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Our One Day Wash Services

Are you in a meeting, and lunch break comes? You decide to head out and eat on food containing tomato sauce, and out of nowhere, your cloth is stained. You rush to the washroom to see if you can get off the stain, but no amount of water you douse it with seems to be getting the stain out. What do you do? Do you head back there stained, and wet, or you get the best dry cleaners in Ealing Common to take care of your needs? The latter is the wiser option. Call us immediately, and we will be at your doorstep to get dirty clothes and get them to you in no time. We, at Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Common, deliver under a day, depending on the clothing involved.

We Handle Both Professional And Residential Items

Are you an office almost every hour of the day, and you need your work clothes dry cleaned to ensure that you turn up to work daily with clean clothes? Look no further, we, at Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Common, have you covered.

By remaining close by to more office buildings and local professionals, we can assist more people with their dry cleaning services.

Do you need to have the table cloths of your restaurant clean, and you are wondering how this can be done quickly, without stress, and at affordable pricing? Look no further; we have you covered. We have taken it up a notch to offer you a discount for more items like table cloths that you bring by.

Has your wedding dress been tainted? Is your wedding soon, and you have realized that your wedding dress has been stained for one reason or the other? Your stylist has said that there is no way the wedding dress can be changed because there is little time for that. Don't be scared. Don't permit stains to ruin the perfect day of your life. Come to us, at Ducane Dry Cleaners. We will have the stains out professionally to the extent that the dress will sparkle like never before.

No one will notice any stain when we are done with your wedding dress, not even someone with a microscope because there won't be any stain left.

We Clean Men's Dress Shirts and Other Apparels

Do you have an event to go to, and you want your tux to be in perfect condition. Have you brought out your tux, and you have noticed a grave odor or stain from it? How will you walk the room with such a tux? You ask yourself. Look no further; we have you covered. Do you want to look your best every day at work, and you are wondering how you can do that? Clean and well taken care of clothes can really help, and this is where Ducane Dry Cleaners Ealing Common comes in.

Wash And Fold Laundry

When we talk of using a laundry service, a lot of persons feel it is farfetched. They wonder why they should send their regular clothes to the dry cleaner. Let's break down the myth. Take a look at the cleaning supplies that you use in washing your clothes. Have you done that? Look at the ingredients used in making it, once you are done, search out each ingredient, and the risk they pose to your health, the sanity of your cloth, and the environment. There is a great chance that those cleaning supplies that you use are laced with chemicals that can put you closer to having one malignant skin condition or the other.

What if your clothes? Have you ever wondered why they fade quickly? If your clothes can fade quickly because of the dangerous chemicals that they have to deal with regularly, imagine how your skin is suffering. What of the environment? We talk about saving the environment, and when toxins are released into it, how do we save it?

To save your skin, clothes, and environment, use only dry cleaners and laundry services that make use of only organic and biodegradable cleaning supplies

We Pick Up

We understand your busy schedule and the ease at which dry cleaning services should be, and that's why we have championed the act of coming to our clients to pick up their dirty laundry.

It doesn't matter what part of Ealing Common, we are ready to come to get your items from you to save you the stress of leaving the comforts of your home.

We Clean

Once our drivers pick up the items, they head back to state of the art laundry facilities in Ealing Common to have clothes properly cleaned for delivery. We understand that every clothing item has to be treated differently, and that's why we are dedicated to treat each clothing item as special.

We Deliver

Once we are done, we deliver the clothing item to your doorstep based on your schedule. We work surrounding your schedule.

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