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Are you looking for a dry cleaning service company that can provide you with the best quality service that guarantees proper care for your garments of every kind? Well, you are in the place. Founded in 1994, Ducane Richmond Laundry and Dry cleaning Services is a top leading Dry Cleaning Company with many years of experience in dry cleaning business that can provide the proper care for your garments at affordable prices across East Sheen.

Here at Ducane Richmond Laundry, our customers' satisfaction is our utmost priority. And we prove this through the quality service we are renowned for. So, when you commit your garments into our hands, you can be sure of proper care that will meet your expectations. What's more? We have an ongoing and continually evolving programmer that refines our systems. Likewise, we have regular training for our staff members to ensure they are delivering the best service for your satisfaction. When experience mixes with professionalism, you can be rest assured for a quality service.

Why You should Try Ducane Dry cleaning and Laundry Services

Apart from the quality services we guarantee you, there are more reasons why should be committing your clothing materials into our hands. And not only this, but we are also providing you with essential details you need to know about dry cleaning, as a patronizer of the service.

  • Our Eco-friendly system
  • Our new system of operation now uses less electricity as we are now capitalizing on the use of Sensene, a new solvent that is now trending as the best for dry cleaning. Unlike solvents like Perchloroethylene (popularly called Pec) which is used by other dry cleaners, Sensene is very much eco-friendly. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why this new solvent we are making use of is the perfect choice for your garments.

  • The first thing to be pointed out that makes this new solvent we are making use of special is that it is produced from modified alcohol that has been proven to be a non-bioaccumulating and non-toxic liquid. For this reason, it is the ideal solvent to be used for dry cleaning. We are rendering you our dry cleaning service with this exact solvent. It is a development we are now implementing into our system.
  • Sensene is a very gentle solvent on the fabric, wrinkle-free and makes ironing very easy.
  • Sensene dries faster, which also reduces the hours your garments will be spending with us. Our delivery becomes quicker, and you can get your clothes earlier than you would anywhere else.
  • This wonderful solvent also leaves a very nice scent on any textile it is applied on.
  • Whatever form of impurity that might be on your cloth, be assured we can get it off and give your cloth that special look any stain might have taken from it. Sensene has a perfect composition that can do that which is more the reason why we consider it ideally perfect for your garments.
  • This new solvent we are making use of can be used for various fabrics and clothe textiles. So even if it is silk, we got it all covered.
  • We deliver without delay
  • Our credible service is coupled with our on-time delivery. We understand the importance of keeping up with the appointed time of our customers. We don't hold your clothes longer than we agreed.

  • Our services are rendered by our Quality Staff
  • Of course, we know your clothes are of high value to you, so also are they to us. Therefore, you can be sure they are well taken care of by our staffs that are qualified and experienced in the business. As earlier said, we have a constant and regular training program for our staff members, to enhance their professionalism for the delivery of credible services to your satisfaction.

  • We are open to your suggestions and complaints
  • Though we take pride in our quality service which we are sure you will be impressed with, however, we understand that it is possible that you may have one or two things you don't like, we are open to your complaints and suggestions. We believe so much in listening to our customers, so we are ever open to your words.

  • We render our services across a wide range of various clothing textile and materials
  • Our dry cleaning service is not limited. We are experienced professionals in every area of dry cleaning. We render our services across various materials like silks, cotton, fur, office wear, wedding dresses, skirts, pleated dresses, fleeces, jackets, jumpers, suits, coats, trousers, and dinner suits...in short, every sort of garments.

    We understand the procedures for dry cleaning every type of garment, as some like the silk materials are soft, compared to the materials for jacket and suits. The processes are fully adhered to guarantee the return of your clothes in the best condition, smelling nice, looking fresh, and clean with the use of the Sensene solvent.

  • Our services are rendered at reasonable prices
  • As much as you want a quality dry cleaning service and care for your clothes, we understand that you want it at a reasonable charge, too. With this in mind, we've made our charges very reasonable for whatever type and number of clothes we will be dry cleaning for you. We've made your satisfaction our priority, and that also includes how affordable and reasonable our charges are.

    At Ducane Laundry and Dry cleaning Services, these and more are the expectations you should have of our services. We are committed to them, and we are sure a trial will convince you. Whatever event you are going for, we'll make your clothes shine brightly. Our 25 years of experience has been made possible by the service we render and the trust our customers have in us, which we are now offering to you. You should get a taste of this service. Contact us anytime for your laundry and dry cleaning needs; we are always available all across East Sheen.

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