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Ducane Dry Cleaners is one of the leading dry cleaning service providers in the UK!

Ducane Dry Cleaners has got the perfect solution to all your laundry problems. With 20+ years’ experience and a skilled professional team, we offer you the very best dry cleaning and laundry services.

Everyone wears clothes; even a baby born today needs clothes. It is highly essential. In fact, it is a basic need of life. Since it is, it should be well taken care of because you wear it directly on your skin. Dirty clothes cause illness and skin disease. I'm pretty sure you don't want any of these. Therefore, you need to keep your clothes and clothing accessories clean. But then, you may have a job that you attend to every day and as such have little or no time for your laundry. If you're indisposed, we could also help you at an affordable and reasonable price. Now, this laundry may not only include your clothing; it may include drapes and curtains, blankets, duvets, sheets, towels, and everything fabric.

Different clothes have different methods of laundry, and they shouldn't be mixed up. Generally, all fabrics should be handled with care for a perfect finishing. There are some fabrics that run colors, and care should be taken not to mix them up with light colored fabrics.

How would you feel when your fabric gets ruined. Sad, I guess. Especially if the clothing in question is really expensive.

You may not really be free all times to do your laundry and clothes are to be worn every day. So you need to ensure that your clothes are clean. You may be thinking of a way to go about doing your laundry. Here at Ducane Dry Cleaners in Putney Bridge, we handle your laundry in the best way and also specialize in other things like shoe repairs, wedding dress mending, hotel laundry, rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, clothes mending and alteration, key cutting, and bag repairs.

Since clothing needs great care, you may want to hire the services of a professional for your fabric care. Well, your search ends here as Ducane Dry Cleaners in Putney Bridge is here to offer you those services and even more. If you reside in or around Putney Bridge, visit us today and watch us handle your fabrics with utmost care and do it swiftly too.

We offer a wide range of services, and they are listed below:

  • Laundry and dry cleaning services. We do laundry of all types, ranging from household laundry down to hotel dry cleaning. We launder acetate materials, leather, silk, wool, linen, chinos, suede and the likes of it, paying attention to collars and underarms because they get dirty faster than the other parts of your clothes.
  • We also handle tailoring and stitching, fabric alterations inclusive. If you need to do any sort of alterations on your dress, suit or any material at all, we can handle all.
  • Ironing of all kinds of fabric. We iron fabrics and package them very well. Ironing requires carefulness. We specialize in doing this.
  • Wedding dress alterations and amendments. We do wedding dress cleaning, in case you have a wedding dress that's really soiled and you want to make it sparkle again. We do alterations and amendments too to make your wedding dress the perfect size for you.
  • Bag repairs. If you have an issue with your bags, bring them to us. We do zip repairs and leather change.
  • Footwear repairs including boot re-heeling, leather change, and sole replacement

We are a household, friendly company. We dry clean and launder shirts, trousers, linens, curtains, blankets, towels, bed sheets, duvets. Wedding dresses are not left out. We do alterations on all kinds of fabrics.

Our ultimate priority is to handle your fabric with care and leave you highly satisfied. Our customer reviews are excellent. Why? Because we have a reliable and efficient customer service. We can do your laundry and deliver right at your doorstep. This email includes pick up too. Give us your address, and we'll come get your laundry and bring it right back to your doorstep.

There’s great news for you! Irrespective of your laundry size, we deliver right when you want it and even faster. That’s totally amazing, right? We’re just one call away,

Call us and let us handle your laundry needs.

There's amazing news just for you! Our company runs an in-staff training. Here, old and newly recruited staff or members of our great team are taught professional skills on the best ways to handle your fabric. And guess what? You can work with us on a friendly budget. How about getting the best laundry and dry cleaning service at a reasonable price? Good enough, right?

So in general, the benefits of choosing us are:

  • Swift delivery services
  • Home services
  • Pick up services
  • Top notch professionalism
  • Efficient customer service
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quality laundry and dry cleaning service.

What else are you looking for? You can see that we’ve got you totally covered.

So come on and do business with us! We’ve been having a lot of good reviews from our happy and satisfied clients, and we can’t wait for yours too.

We know people may have a hard time trusting dry cleaning companies, probably because of their past experiences with them. You may have had your fabrics ruined at some time, but we assure you that here at Ducane Dry Cleaners, your clothes and items are in safe hands. Well, seeing is believing, and action speaks louder than words. Give us a try today and no doubt, you'd keep coming back for more.

We believe so much inefficiency. It's one thing to know your job, and it's another thing to know your job and knows how to do it very well and efficiently. Trust Ducane Dry Cleaners to handle your laundry effectively and efficiently.

Patronize us today and don't forget to mention us to friends!

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