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The current world conditions have made it very difficult for most people to live stress-free lives. Most people have had to live their lives in such a manner that they are unable to handle certain house chores. Dry cleaning happens to be one of the very important house chores that have been neglected because of the current economic condition. This is one of the main reasons why dry cleaners have been established to enable these extremely busy ones to handle their laundry. Basically, dry cleaners are those that are involved in the process of cleaning textiles and clothing with the help of a chemical solvent other than water.

Although dry cleaners are capable of completely removing stain from your laundry, most people are still skeptical about why they would need to hire the services of a dry cleaning company to help them out each time they are unable to do their laundry. If you happen to be one of those, there a number of reasons why you should let dry cleaning companies handle your laundry and they include

  1. Your laundry will be done in a professional manner;
  2. You may have a number of very expensive dresses or attires that are made with rare fabric. It would not be entirely wise to handle the washing of these expensive attires by yourself because there's a chance you could ruin them in the process. Also, you may not be able to completely remove the stain because you lack the expertise, tool, and technique to remove stains without damaging the dress. This is where dry cleaning companies come into play. We help you clean these dresses in a special and professional manner.

    If you happen to have dresses that cannot be cleaned with the traditional cleaning methods or materials, a dry cleaning company will help you handle the cleaning of this attire. Aside from this, dry cleaning companies are capable of thoroughly cleaning your clothes irrespective of the material they are made of. They are capable of giving your laundry this professional touch and feel. Currently, a number of dry cleaning companies have been established to help you out irrespective of where you find yourself in Mortlake.

  • Dry cleaners save you a considerable amount of time
  • As mentioned earlier, the current economic condition is one of the main reasons most people spend more time at work than they would ordinarily do. If you are one of those that have to spend more time in the office or at your job for a number of reasons, dry cleaners could be of immense benefit to you. Instead of having to spend the time that you would use to get a good rest attending to your laundry, dry cleaners take that stress away giving you more time to work and also make the most out of your life.

    In addition, if you prefer doing your laundry yourself, dry cleaners could also be of benefit to you, how? You will agree that there are certain clothes you have in your closet that you dread washing. This could be that they are tough to wash, they accumulate stain, they require advanced cleaning materials, etc. Instead of having to spend time trying to get these clothes or dresses cleaned, a dry cleaning company can help you out, thus, saving you time that could be used to attend to other not too stressful clothes.

  • We offer a number of services
  • One of the main reasons why most people hire the services of dry cleaners Mortlake is that we offer a number of services and are capable of handling all material types. This means that if you have tough materials to clean, these dry cleaners are capable of doing the job. We at Ducane Dry Cleaners, offer commercial and residential dry cleaning, curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.

    Hiring the Best Dry Cleaning Company

    With the number of dry cleaning companies claiming to offer clients a number of services increasing, only a few have actually lived up to the claim. When it comes to hiring the best dry cleaning company, you need to take into consideration a number of factors. In addition, you need to conduct research to find out how a company operates and if it is capable of efficiently removing tough stains from your clothes without damaging them in the process.

    One of the very few dry cleaning companies living up to its name is Ducane Dry Cleaning Company. Currently, it is the leading cleaning company in the UK. Established in 1994, this dry cleaning company is capable of handling all your dry cleaning needs without damaging or misplacing your clothing for any reason.

    Reasons Why You Should Hire Ducane Dry Cleaners For All Your Dry Cleaning Needs

    1. Experience; this is actually the main reason why you should hire our services when it comes to attending to your laundry. As mentioned above, we were established since 1994 which means that we have over 20 years in the industry. Our experience is actually why we have completely perfected the act of cleaning all types of clothes and fabrics. In the course of our stay in the industry, we have been able to make use of different washing tools and have discovered the ideal one for any type of fabric or clothing.
    2. Quality service; our firm resolve at Ducane Dry Cleaning Company is that of offering our customers excellent service. This is why we have a number of recurring customers who have used and appreciated our excellent customer service. Aside from the fact that we are capable of removing tough stains from your clothes and fabrics, we deliver on time, respond on time and do not damage your clothes. We are not just keen on taking your money; our emphasis is on offering you quality customer service.
    3. We make use of the right tools; to efficiently remove stains, a dry cleaning company will have to make use of the right tools and techniques. We have researched and are currently making use of these tools to ensure that your laundry comes out sparkling clean.

  • Curtain Cleaning and Tailoring
  • We provide a professional curtain cleaning and tailoring service to Mortlake. This will eliminate the build-up of dust and stains that happen throughout the years. Getting your curtains professionally cleaned once a year is beneficial for health purposes, as well as to keep them in good condition.

    We can tailor your curtains so that they perfectly fit your windows and enhance the aesthetics of your rooms. We can handle all kinds of fabric and sizes, so feel free to call us or place an order online for curtain cleaning or tailoring in Mortlake.

    Commercial and Corporate Dry Cleaning

    If you own a hotel, restaurant, gym, spa, or other business in Mortlake, we can accommodate any amount of laundry for your business’s needs. From bed linens to towels to employee uniforms, you can trust Ducane Dry Cleaners to keep all of your garments in pristine condition. We can pick up your business's clothing or linens and return them to you once they are cleaned and pressed.

    We can also accommodate your ironing, tailoring, alterations, stitching, and soft furnishings that may need to be cleaned for your business.

    Wedding Dresses

    We offer both dry cleaning services and professional alteration services for the wedding dress. Whether you are taking an older wedding dress out of storage and need it to be cleaned, or want to make sure your new wedding dress is dazzling for your big day, Ducane Dry Cleaners can expertly clean your dress and return it to you in superb condition.

    If it needs to be shortened, or if you would like to add more beading or embellishment, you can trust us to make the necessary alterations so that your dress will be perfect for your big day. You can also use our free collection and delivery service to further reduce any stress that there may be around your wedding day.

    Ironing Services

    If you are one of the many people who do not enjoy the task of ironing your clothes, then you can make use of Ducane’s ironing services. Our high-quality equipment and expert staff will ensure that all of your clothes are perfectly ironed and pressed so that you can look your best without having to worry about taking the time to do your ironing. To save even more of your valuable time, you can use our free collection and delivery service.

    Shoe Repair, Handbag Repair, and Key Cutting

    Some other services that we offer for customers in Mortlake include shoe repair, handbag repair, and key cutting. Our cobblers can easily replace the soles and heels of worn-out shoes to extend their life. Our staff can also mend handbags, such as relining or restitching. Our staff are also trained to safely use key cutting equipment.

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