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Take care of your clothes and Fabrics!

Everyone wears clothes. It is an indispensable part of human life, not unless you want to walk the streets unclad. I guess not! Clothing generally is essential, and clothing styles have evolved over the years. Everyone wants to follow the latest fashion and trend. From T-shirts, jeans, pleated skirts, suits, stylish gowns, dinner wears and down to casual stay at home wears. As you wear your clothes, you also need to ensure that they are clean and well taken care of. You can't buy clothes and discard them simply because you can't do your laundry. Ducane Laundry and Dry cleaning services in Shepherd Bush have got you covered

So why clean your clothes?

Wearing clean clothes has so many advantages. In fact, there is no disadvantage to wearing clean clothes.

Clean clothes do not harbor or breed germs that could make one fall sick. When you wear clean clothes, you're healthy and happy at the same time. Health is wealth, they say.

Wearing clean clothes gives you a healthy mind, and it brings about healthy thoughts. It makes you really comfortable too. If you wear clothes that aren't clean, you'd be a bit uncomfortable. So why choose uncomfortable when Ducane Dry Cleaners can make you comfortable by taking good care of your laundry.

Keeping your clothes clean is a form of orderliness, and humans are supposed to be orderly. If you're a stay at home, mom, taking care of your family's laundry is a necessary thing to do. But sometimes, things get tough, and you may need help. If you have aged parents without help and you can't be around always to help out with their laundry, you need helping hands also. You may need help with your kids' clothing too because kids have a way of being rough at times and play so much their clothes get really dirty. This can cause an exasperated mom. Hold on; we can deal with this.

Not only clothes are supposed to be clean! There are other materials and fabrics that need cleaning too. Talk about curtains and drapes, bed sheets, towels and the likes of it. You wouldn't want to have a visitor at home or your place of work and let them discover your fabrics aren't well taken care of. Your busy schedule may not even let you do the cleaning and laundry all by yourself.

How about a dry cleaning company with over 20 years’ experience to handle all your dry cleaning and clothing needs? We’ve seen fashion evolve and have handled different types of fabrics and materials over the years. That’s totally awesome, right?

Lots of people handle different businesses daily. It may be a local business, an office job, teaching in a school, company work, babysitting, or any other kind of job. Your schedule may be very tight that most times, you do not have time for extra chores, which may include doing your laundry.

Do you have clothing that needs mending or alterations? Do you have rugs or carpets that are wearing off and needs to be stitched? Do you have a bulk of dirty laundry and don’t know how to go about it? Is there a wedding dress you have, so much stained and you think it only needs to be discarded? Do you need laundry services for your very heavy duvets and enormous curtains? Do you need your handbag to be stitched? Have footwear that needs repair?

Great news!!! Ducane Dry Cleaners is here for you!

About Us

We are a company that handles all forms of laundry and dry cleaning services, with over 20+ years of experience; we offer quality and top-notch professional dry cleaning services, laundry services, bag, and footwear repair and mending, wedding dress cleaning, hotel laundry, curtain cleaning, household laundry services, ironing services, tailoring, stitching, rug and carpet cleaning amongst others. Ducane Dry Cleaners is a household name for we take care of your household needs related to fabrics.

Our Services

As earlier stated, we offer all kinds of dry cleaning and laundry services.

Here’s a rundown of all the services we offer:

  • Dry cleaning services: We deal with household fabrics, shirts, trousers, curtains, duvets. We also do hotel dry cleaning.
  • Ironing services: We launder and iron all types of materials. Bear in mind that your clothing is in great and safe hands.
  • Laundry: We launder all types of materials; wool, silk, linen, cotton, velvet, acetate, taffeta, chino fabrics, suede, leather, and in fact, any kind of clothing at all.
  • Tailoring and Stitching: We handle tailoring and stitching of fabrics, wedding dresses, rugs, carpets, curtains, corporate tailoring, commercial tailoring, and the likes of it.
  • We also handle footwear repair services, boot re-heeling, sole replacement and leather change
  • We specialize in rug and carpet cleaning. We'll handle it and make it look as good as new.
  • We also do fabric mending and alterations. We are simply household friendly.

Benefits of Choosing Us

We are one of the leading laundry and dry cleaning service companies in the UK. With excellent reviews, customer satisfaction is our greatest priority. We run a staff training, and this ensures that your laundry is handled by trained professionals that are well skilled. We have a team of committed and efficient staff whose sole aim is to ensure our customers are left happy and satisfied.

We offer fast and efficient delivery services, regardless of your laundry size and at a reasonable price.

Visit us today and get rid of all your laundry problems.

You can always reach us on our phone line 02083321111.

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Ducane Dry Cleaners have been creating smiling faces on our clients and customers. We need you to have a taste of this feeling and keep coming back for more.

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