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Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

Ducane Dry cleaners are Eco-friendly Now

At Ducane, we believe you, We show value and care about environment, and to reflect this we are updating our dry cleaning machine to a new model that uses less electricity and a brand new dry cleaning solvent that is alcohol based, and extremely environment friendly. Not only is our new cleaning solvent, sensene is environmentally friendly, but it is also a very effective dry cleaning agent equalling, and even bettering conventional non eco-friendly dry cleaning solvents used by other dry cleaners. Other points of note with regards to dry cleaning are that it is gentle on your clothes, and it also leaves your clothes smelling lovely.

Environmentally speaking - the science- In more detail

Our new eco-friendly dry cleaning solvent is based on a modified alcohol formulation which is biodegradable. That means it is broken down and decomposed by living organisms and thereby avoid pollution. It also has low aquatic toxicity. In short, this means it has a minimal effect on water-based organisms and ecosystems and is, therefore, an environmentally responsible textile cleaning solution.

Dry Cleaning Performance

In the textile cleaning process using Sensene shows an excellent cleaning performance. Its special formulation means the solvent can dissolve and remove both oil and water-based impurities. Sensene has an excellent textile cleaning performance that not only matches the best values of the conventional dry cleaning solvents but can also significantly outperform them. Other substances can be easily removed by Sensene during the dry cleaning process. such as sugar or corn syrup found in foods such as wine, sodas and cake.

The solvent can, therefore, be used for a variety of fabric, even for delicate garments such as silk, It is also designed to prevent discolouring and keep the cleaned textiles' bright colours.

Combined with its extraordinary cleaning power, the solvents treatment of the materials is gentle and protective. Fabrics cleaned with sensene are great to the touch. It also leaves a clean pleasant smell on the cleaned fabrics and removes any bacteria thoroughly.

In Conclusion

We have also invested in other new machinery, such as our steam iron machine. Caring for you our valued customer stand at the centre of our focus, and it follows that we will choose only the best machinery and methods to perform our tasks for you.

So from now on when you visit Ducanes dry cleaning store in Richmond Surrey, you can rest assured that we have made every effort to be energy efficient, and green. You can also be confident that our new machinery combined with our new solvent will give you the highest standard of cleaning and finishing in the professional dry cleaning sector, together with being truly effective in removing stains from textiles.

We believe that you will be impressed by the results achieved by our cutting edge technology, and as ever we will be offering you our range of professional services