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Ducane dry cleaning offers Southfield a plethora of services that are all structured towards ensuring you always look and feel good. Our services are open to individuals and companies. We offer clothing alterations including dress and wedding dress alterations in South Field. Ducane dry cleaning in Southfield also offers dry-cleaning and ironing services. Our various services ensure that you never have to worry about cleaning your clothes. We realise how many hours you can save by simply finding someone else to do your laundry and we are dedicated to taking that burden off your hands.

Dry Cleaning In Southfield

Ducane's dry cleaners in Southfield offer pickup and drop off services in Southfield. If you need to get your clothes dry-cleaned in Southfield, contact us. You may be wondering why dry cleaning is important. Well, here a few benefits of dry cleaning with Ducane.

A major issue most people have when they try to wash their clothes is how to separate garments. Some garments shrink and some can colour the other garments. Professional dry cleaners like Ducane dry cleaners in Southfield know how to separate garments. This saves you the stress of figuring out which garments you're allowed to wash at the same time. No more shrinking shirts and no more bleached underwear!

Some clothing garments and textiles need to be dry cleaned. They are not meant to be hand washed or tossed into just any machines. Garments like leather, cashmere, ski clothes are just some among the list of clothes that often need dry cleaning. For these garments, you simply have no choice other than to opt for a dry cleaning service if you want your clothes to remain at their best quality.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning And Tailoring In Southfield

Ducane's dry cleaners in Southfield offers professional wedding dress cleaning, clothing alterations, and dress alterations. If you have a wedding dress that needs tailoring, Ducane's tailors in Southfield can help you do this. Weddings are a celebration of love. It's a special day and it's quite normal that you want it to be absolutely perfect. Ducane dry cleaning is here to make sure that your dress is perfect.

Whether you bought a sample dress or you're wearing a family heirloom, tailoring is important. However, for those who have brand new wedding dresses, tailoring can still completely transform how your dress looks. For most people, you won't find the exact dress of your dreams ready-made however you can create this dress. After purchasing the dress closest to your desires, you can tailor and alter your dress.

Tailoring your dress gives you a completely unique look on your wedding day. Most store-bought wedding dresses are not one of a kind but you can ensure yours is. Ducane's dry cleaners in Southfield offer dress alterations. This service is tailored towards helping you achieve the dress of your dreams. You can choose simple tailoring like adjusting the sleeves, adjusting the hemline, adjusting the neckline, and taking in the sides or you can decide you want something more. Whether you'd like to add your mother's veil to your veil or add a brooch that's important to you or change the zipper. Ducane's wedding dress alterations are here to help you feel awesome on your special day.

Clothing Alterations In Southfield

Ducane dry cleaning offers clothing alteration in Southfield for those with clothes that need repairs and adjusting. We can repair zippers, mend holes, adjust sleeves, and adjust your clothes to your liking. If you need any clothing material adjusted, our tailors are more than capable of doing these repairs.

Curtain Dry Cleaning And Alterations In Southfield

Ducane's tailors offer curtain dry cleaning and alteration services. These services are catered towards mending curtains, cutting them to the appropriate length, and also dry cleaning curtains. Curtains can be heavy and hard to hand wash therefore we advise that you dry clean your curtains. Our services are affordable and specialized.

Local Shoe Repair In Southfield

Ducane offers local shoe repairs in Southfield. If you want your shoes to last longer then it's important that you repair them professionally. There are several reasons for this. The first reason would be to ensure your shoes are repaired properly. We've all been in a situation or seen someone in a situation where their soles fell off or their shoe buckles broke even though they just repaired it. Professional local shoe repairs like Ducane local shoe repair in Southfield will not give you this issue. Once you repair your shoes you shouldn't be worried that they'll only last for another two weeks. Professional repairs should leave your footwear looking as good as new.

Reinforcing the previous point, you will save more money by repairing your shoes professionally. If you keep repairing your shoes in a less than standard shop they'll only keep disappointing you at the worst possible moment. Save money and repair your shoes once in a professional shop like Ducane's local shoe repair in Southfield.

Key Cutting In Southfield

Get your keys cut at Ducane dry cleaning and laundry service. Our locksmiths can cut all traditional keys at an affordable rate. Cut your keys now and have a spare in case of an emergency. Contact us if you need key cutting in Southfield. If you run an apartment building, store or you just need spare keys for your home, Ducane's locksmiths are the best for the job.

Ducane Dry Cleaning In Southfield

Ducane dry cleaning service has been putting smiles on people's faces for over 20 years. Our dry cleaners in Southfield promise clean wedding dresses via our professional wedding dress cleaning service. Our dress alterations services will transform your wedding dress beyond your expectations. We also offer clothing alterations, general dry cleaning, local shoe repair as well as key cutting in Southfield. Our services are open to individuals and companies. If you are situated in Southfield, look no further, choose Ducane.

Corporate and Commercial Dry Cleaning Services

If you own a hotel, restaurant, gym, spa, or other business in South Field, we can accommodate any amount of laundry for your business needs. From bed linens to towels to employee uniforms, you can trust Ducane Dry Cleaners to keep all of your garments in pristine condition. We can pick up your business's clothing or linens and return them to you once they are cleaned and pressed. We can also accommodate your ironing, tailoring, alterations, stitching, and soft furnishings that may need to be cleaned for your business.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Special Items

Here at Ducane, we can cater to the more difficult to clean and expensive items that you may need taken care of in South Field. Our expert staff can dry clean, tailor, alter, and repair any of your more delicate items such as sheepskin, leather, suede, silk, and more. We always treat your items with the utmost care and return them to you clean and looking good as new.Whether it is a stain, a tear, or need to alter them to fit your body, you can trust Ducane Dry Cleaners to complete the task promptly and return your delicate items in pristine condition.

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