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Skiing is an extreme sport not only on your body but for your ski wear as well. So both before and after your skiing experience bring your ski-wear to Ducane Dry Cleaners. Our customer care cleaning professionals will assess your item according to its fibre content, and the type of lining material, and then decide on the most suitable and effective kind of cleaning. Regular cleaning will not only maintain the fabric of your skiing item, making it behave at peak in the cold and rough conditions of the ski slope, but also will lengthen its lifespan. So it makes sense not only practically but for your pocket as well, to look after and maintain your skiing outfit.

Here at Ducane Dry Cleaners, we regularly clean ski itemsfrom  manufacturers North Face, Spyder, Patagonia and Oakley. We make sure that you get your skiing clothes cleaned promptly by offering a Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery Service to Richmond Londonso with no panic or rush, you will be ready for the ski season on time.

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