How To Clean Suede Bag

We have all encountered that one stubborn stain that does not listen to anything you try;that one heart breaking moment when you spill something, and it collides with your suede bag and you are left heart broken. Well, a solution to all your problems, we have compiled a list of things to do so that you can clean your suede and have that spotless beauty back in your hands. Before delving into the cleaning of suede bags let us take a look at what exactly is suede and why it’s so special and close to our hearts.

The Beauty called Suede

The fashion industry has always acknowledged leather as its timeless classic style. Leather is such a versatile material that its various origins, textures and finishes give everyone something to love. Going into technicalities, suede is nothing but a particular type of leather. The processing of this material, in the end gives it a very soft and fibrous texture. Suede is not a different material like many people have been known to misconstrue. It is simply a different process which the leather undergoes so that it can become the delicate and sweet to touch variable we have come to know as suede.

Leather as we all know is made by processing the animal hides, pelts and skins using a number of different methods and processes. Suede is the softer underside of the animal pelts. A few manufacturers have been known to simply turn the material upside down in order to get this soft finish of the material;however, taking the easy way out never gives the best results. Doing this means a compromise in the delicate and fragile quality of the material as the stiff leather on the inside makes the entire thing much sturdier than desirable.

There is a second better method, which gives a better, softer, and much more desirable variant of suede. When manufacturers use this method the soft underside which is the main characteristic of suede becomes visible on both sides. The actual leather is split so that the underside is visible. The end result is a much more pliable leather.

Why is cleaning suede such a hassle?

As you might have already guessed, an amazing fabric like suede does not come without a few catches. Suede purses canadd depth and character to any outfit that you choose. However, every single thingwe use to clean everything else in our livesends up staining suede. Yes, water too stains the suede purse that you have. So before going into what to do to clean a suede purse, let us tell you what not to do and that for starters would be – do not use water. Suede is expensive; so, the best way to clean suede would always be to give it to the experienced people, like dry cleaning services, for example. It is also a very good at idea to do a basic maintenance at regular intervals for your suede bag.

Dry is the way to go

The first and foremost tip in the basic maintenance of a suede bag is to keep it dry at all times. If moisture becomes of utmost necessity why cleaning the bag, you will have to think of creative ways to introduce it, while making sure that the bag does not become, wet. One sure fire and safe way to do this is to hold the purse over steam but be very careful not to overdo it and make the bag wet. The very fine line between cleaning a suede bag and making it dirtier is the reason why most experts will advise you to hand over your suede bag to professionals who handle cleaning and maintenance of suede.

Brushing the suede

The best way to remove dust and dirt from suede is to brush it. You can either brush the entire bag or do concentrated brushing on one spot to remove a certain stain or clump of dust. Special suede brushes are available which can make the entire process easier for you. Make sure that you are brushing in the same direction so that this does not end up changing the texture of your bag. Suede is very delicate, always keep this in mind while you are brushing so that you do not do more harm that gain. A soft back and forth motion can also be used to brush away the dirt.

Cleaning away the dirt

A very handy and simple way to actually clean the dirt on your suede bag is to use a pencil eraser for doing this. Make sure that a fresh eraser is being used. The difference in texture is what absorbs the dirt from the suede and transfers it onto the eraser. The peril of this method is that if the eraser has any sort of dirt or dust on it, it risks being transferred to the suede.

Using a cleanser

Like most leathers, cleansers for suede are also available, which makes the cleaning much easier. The cleanser is made of a base solvent which is not water and does not damage the suede. In this case, the thing to watch out for is that you use a suede specific cleanser and not a generic leather cleanser; because that will for sure damage you bag further. Vinegar or rubbing alcohol is safe to use while cleaning suede. However, you have to be extremely careful not to use too much. The preferred method is to apply some to a dry cloth and then use the cloth to clean the dirt off the suede.

Tips to clean

When you spill something on your suede purse, the first thing to do is to blot the stain. Remember –blot! Do not rub! This will make sure that you absorb the excess moisture and minimizethe damage to your bag. Use cornstarch, talcum powder or other such extra absorbent material to completely dry out the stain and let it sit overnight. This is a sort of prep that will benefit you in the long run. You can then brush away the powder and remove the rest of the stain using an eraser, vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Keeping the stain as dry as possible is the key to cleaning a suede purse.

Always remember that if your instincts tell you that the stain is too much to handle on your own, listen to them and call in experts to help clean the stain off your suede bag.

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