How To Clean Your Curtains Without Taking Them Down

How to clean your curtains without taking them down has been a question asked by many harried home-keepers and many people have been stalling this work just because it is so cumbersome. Well that is something most people would love to know for it is such a herculean task to take down those heavy curtains from their rods, clean them and then to put them up again. Thinking of the labor and time that this horrendous task needs is enough to put anyone off. But if you know that there are some rather effortless ways to get your curtains done without having to take them off the rods, I bet most people would be willing to give it a try.

  1. Give them a good shake down

Basically, you just need a sturdy ladder and a pair of strong and steady hands. Climb up carefully and reach the top of the curtains and shake them real hard from near the rod or curtain pole. A good shaking down will dislodge the dust and dirt that have been sticking on to the curtains stubbornly all this time. It is going to make your floor a mess but then you will have relatively clean curtains.

Certain curtains have a way of attracting specks of dust and flying fabric fibers. This is commonly known as lint. Lint tends to stick onto the curtains even after you have shaken the curtain pretty well or even after vacuuming. If you notice that the lint has not been completely removed, you could might as well use a lint roller or a stiff brush to brush away the lint. To be sure that you have removed everything, just get your help or your partner to pull the curtain firmly outwards and hold it flat so that you can brush away every little piece of lint.

  1. Use a vacuum

The best and easiest way to clean your curtains is to use a vacuum cleaner. See that you have a long attachment to your vacuum cleaner. You can easily reach the top most part with these attachments and at the most you may need a short stool if you should find it difficult to reach the topmost part. If you have those lightweight hand-held cleaners then they could be really handy. Knowing how people tend to get lazy to clean curtains every week, these handheld vacuum cleaners are indeed a boon. They are very small, sleek, can be easily used and stored away. Get yourself one of these useful gadgets and use it every week for a quick brush down so that the dust does not accumulate.

  1. Use a steam cleaner

If your curtains are really greasy and have stubborn stains, then a vacuum cleaner will not be sufficient. Here a steam cleaner can easily come to your aid. Handheld steamers are readily available in the market. Get one of those miracle workers and see that they have upholstery attachment as well. This remarkable machine can remove stubborn stains and dirt with the least effort. Use gently vertical strokes to cover every square inch of your curtain and make sure that your steam cleaner is set to suit the thickness and quality of your curtain. The thicker your curtain the more effective will be the steam cleaner.

4) Clean your windows

All said and done, if your windows are dirty there is no point cleaning your curtains for the dirt from the windows is definitely going to find its way into the curtains in due time. So, make sure to dust and clean your window panes and grills first before you begin the work on your curtains. Push the curtains aside and using a duster you must dust away the grime and dirt that you may find sticking onto the window panes and the grills. After the dusting is over use a wet towel or piece of cloth to wipe away all remaining grime and ensure that the window panes and grills are totally clean. Allow them to dry well before you start your work with the curtains. In this way you can ensure that the dirt from the windows will not make your curtains dirty again.

  1. De-odorise your curtains

Once you finish with cleaning your curtains you would want them to smell clean and fresh. You can use an upholstery deodorizer which are easily available in aerosol cans. You can spray them around your curtains to make them smell fresh and clean. Yet another way to keep your room and curtains smelling clean and fresh for a long time,is to place a small container of baking powder and any one of your favorite essential oil just on the window sill. This will keep the air around the curtains fresh and sweet.

  1. Keep your curtains well aired

See that you properly air your curtains and it is very important to give your curtains a lot of fresh air and sunlight. Leave the windows open and let the fresh air circulate among the folds of the curtains so that all lingering odours can be removed and it will also prevent the formation of mould. Leave the windows open on alternate days either during the morning or in the evenings to let in the air.

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So here are very easy and inexpensive ways of keeping your curtains clean and fresh throughout the year. No more worries about getting them down and then taking them to the dry cleaners who may charge exorbitant rates plus the added trouble of having to put them up again. If you are armed with the correct tools and with some very good music playing in the background, curtain cleaning is something which can be done with a lot of enjoyment. Like Tom Sawyer painting the wall, you can make it a work of art and ring in a few friends to join you in your weekend chore. Happy cleaning guys!

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