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Are you seeking for the right place to get your bridal dress cleaning? You are in luck, as Ducane Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services in Surbiton has you covered.

We ensure that your wedding gown is cleaned, preserved, and protected after the wedding is over. Leave your wedding gown with us to do our magic, and there is a great chance that when you come to pick it up, you will be surprised at how amazing it is.

Wedding Gowns Need A Lot of Care

You may be able to get away with cleaning your clothes using the standard washing machine and cleaning products, but you won't be lucky if you do the same thing to a wedding gown. A wedding gown has to be handled gently if not, it could lead to a pile of issues. This is what we, at Ducane Dry Cleaners, do; we ensure that wedding gown goes through the right bridal gown dry-cleaning in London.

We Use 100% Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods

Every method that we use in Ducane Dry Cleaners is safe. We pride ourselves by using solely eco-friendly and safe wedding gown cleaning services.

What Do We Cater To?

Wedding Dress Preservation

Are you done with the wedding, and you are looking for how to clean and preserve your wedding gown? You are in luck, as we have spent a lot of years clinching the position as the best wedding dress dry cleaning service in London. Our clients can testify to how we spend our time, ensuring that the wedding gown is treated with care. They can tell you of how they were impressed when they received the wedding gown. You too can have such impressed look on your face when you use our Specialist wedding dress cleaners.

Extensive Bridal Clothing Cleaning

Gone are the days when brides only had to wear only wedding gowns on their wedding day. Now, you can use more than one piece of clothing when you are creating a memory. Apart from being the right wedding dress dry cleaning near you, we also clean and preserve your other bridal attire. Who said that only the wedding gown should be preserved? Preserve everything that you wore as the bride on that special day.

We Clean The Clothing Worn By Your Bridal Party

The way the bride keeps the wedding gown as well as possible is the same way one should keep the clothing that was worn as the bridal party in a wedding. Bridesmaids are expected to shine bright during a wedding, and a lot of money goes into getting that look. A lot is spent on the gowns that they wear, their makeup and so on. It would be wrong to toss such a memorable gown into the closet, allowing it to wither. We, at Ducane Dry Cleaners in Surbiton, are ready to clean and preserve such clothing for you, thereby allowing you to look back at the best day of your friend's life.

We Are The Best In Tuxedo Cleaning

Tuxedo is one of the best clothing a man could have in his wardrobe, meaning that it is indeed special. This is one reason that care has to be taken when this is concerned. After the wedding, what do you do with the tux? Do you toss it into the closet, leaving it there to gather dust, and hoping that you can use it for another special occasion? Or do you take the smarter option of cleaning the tux and preserving it? Won't it be awesome to show your kids and grandkids the tuxedo you wore when you walked down the aisle with your love?

Tuxedo and Wedding Dress Preservation Come With Discount

When you calculate how much you end up spending in cleaning and preserving only the wedding gown, you will realize that it would be a better deal if you give your tux and wedding gown to us at Ducane Dry Cleaners in Sorbitol to clean and preserve them.

Why is this so?

When we do tuxedo and wedding gown cleaning, we offer you a substantial discount that would make the process more worthwhile. We, not only preserve and dry clean your wedding gowns and tux, but we also do it at affordable pricing.

You Can Trust Us With Even The Most Delicate Fabric

One thing that a lot of people fear is the fact that their wedding gowns may end up being destroyed. It is quite sad. Very sad. At Ducane Dry Cleaners in Sorbitol, we work on even the most delicate fabrics in existence. It doesn't matter how much you spent on buying the fabric or how delicate it is; we will take care of it to the extent that it would be far better than when you wore it while you walked down the aisle.

We Turn Your Wedding Gown To Your Heirloom

Let's say it is years in the future, and your daughter is about to get married, and she wants to see if she can use your wedding gown, how would you feel? Would you feel ashamed, think that it would have yellowed to the extent that even rats would avoid it? Or would you be proud to bring it out and watch your daughter try it out? How would you feel? We want you to feel the latter, and that's why we, at Ducane Dry Cleaners in Surbiton, are here for you.

We have helped a lot of brides turn their dress into a family heirloom with our state of the art wedding dress preservation services.

Think of how proud you would be when you have your wedding gown cleaned, then presented to the extent that your kids can wear it, grandkids and other generations down the line. You are smiling. We can make this happen.

At Ducane Dry Cleaners in Surbiton, we have experienced dry cleaning experts who have worked on a myriad of wedding gowns too many for us to count for years.

The fact that we have dealt with a lot of wedding dress fabrics such as Chiffon, Damask, Satin and so on, has made us the best when it comes to cleaning and preserving wedding gowns. Talk to us today.

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