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Professional curtain cleaning services are hard to come by despite their necessity. Several of our clients have requested that we include curtain cleaning alongside our curtain alterations services. From now on, you can clean and alter your curtains at Ducane dry cleaning. Our curtain cleaning services are available because we recognise how difficult it can be to clean curtains. They're usually heavy, expensive, and hard to wash on your own. With us, you don't need to worry about that anymore. Our curtain cleaning services come with the following benefits:

1. Stains: Some stains may be tough but we are tougher. We can clean and get rid of stains from food, alcohol, or yellow stains that are a result of age.

2. Save Money: Our professional curtain cleaning services are affordable and financially wise. When you clean your curtains professionally they last significantly longer. Therefore you're saving money in the long run and most importantly you're saving yourself time and effort.

3. Stay Fresh: With services like ours, your curtains will remain in a very good state for a long time. They won't get patchy or faded after only a few months or years of use. They'll last longer and look great as well.

Curtains can be quite a handful due to their size and the weight of the material. Huge, drape curtains are almost impossible to clean without professional help hence why Ducane is here to help. Ducane's professional curtain cleaning services know all about the care curtains need as we've offered curtain alterations services for years. With Ducane, your curtains will be cleared of stains, washed properly, and remain as fresh as possible.


Ducane dry cleaning is a company that is very aware of the environment as well as ways to preserve the environment. Hence the introduction of steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly way of cleaning. Our professional steam cleaning services include steam cleaning of vehicles, buildings, offices, homes, and engines. Whether you're interested in steam cleaning the engine of your vehicle or the engine of your electric gate, Ducane's steam cleaning services are the one for you. Steam cleaning is great and efficient for several reasons. Aside from its eco-friendly benefits, steam cleaning offers a very deep kind of cleaning that gets into the crevices, nooks, and crannies of surroundings and items. This is to ensure every single spot is clean and free from dirt or other impurities. Steam cleaning also gets rid of 99 per cent of bacteria and germs. This makes it a cleaning alternative that is not only dedicated to cleanliness but also safety. Try steam cleaning for your vehicles or other engine powered mechanisms in your home, company, or office. For a deep cleaning that not only cleans dirt but bacteria as well, try out Ducane's professional steam cleaning services.

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