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Our Dry cleaning involves step by step stages into which in detailing of cleaning process takes place under the professional staff who has been trained and acquired extensive knowledge to make sure the garments are well taken care so that the garments are return soft and fresh.

Our team members are trained to use the machinery tools which cleans the garment 100% and is taken care well advanced in a manner to get a new look whenever it is wore , once it is returned from us. All garments from shirts to evening wear are hand finished and packed by hand for the finest finish.

we pride ourselves on our hand finishing, end presentation and range of services. Each garment or item we receive, is carefully treated and cared for from the start to the finish of our detailed cleaning process.We are using an environmentally friendly solvent, It is odour free, colour safe, shrinkage free and the mildest and the safest solvent suitable for fabric use.

We are committed to rigid standards of excellence which require us to use the industry's leading processes and procedures in caring for your clothing.In order to maintain this prestigious title we must purify our solvent after each drycleaning load through continuous filtration and distillation. Purified solvent means sanitary, odor-free soft like garments.

Our Sanitone process costs more, but we feel you and your clothing are worth it! Each of our qualified finishers specialize in pressing one type of garment so they are proficient with every detail of a particular garment. The final result is a perfect finish that will make you look your very best!we will reinforce loose buttons & hooks and eyes, replace missing buttons, tack falling hems, reinforce loose or open seams and much more in order to provide you with ready-to-wear garments.


Ducane Dry Cleaners have many years of experience in the business. Our staff have extensive knowledge and experience of fabric care and how to handle different material types from upholstery to wedding dresses, silk items to fur. Ducane Dry Cleaners have many years of experience in the business. We take great care with every single item that we dry clean.


You can rely on us for hand finishing Cleaning Services

We Welcome you to all kinds of dry clean right from the silks, cottons,fur ,office wears to party wears .we are pleased to serve you here at Ducane Dry Cleaners. We are here to serve based on Quality, Quantity & Professionality.


We are always ready to welcome you!